Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hard To Believe........

So Breanna and I were on our way to Splashdown yesterday with a friend of hers. We were going there to celebrate her 15th (OMG! My baby is growing up!) birthday, when something made us stop in our tracks!

Is the event such a phenomenon that they actually need to "advertise" when it happens?! LOL! This was way too funny to pass up!

Notice there were no men caught in the photo actually working! Could this be considered "false advertising"?! LOL!

Enjoy till next time................

Monday, June 23, 2008

W&OD Trail Pictures

Well, I figured if I was going to remember where Brian and I trained so hard for our marathons I better bring a camera on one of these trips! This weekend I actually remembered! LOL! This is a trail now but it used to be a route for trains! It's a great place to run, bike or whatever exercising strikes your fancy! We see them all out there! It goes for miles and miles but we only use a short portion of it, well, Brian uses more! LOL! They have restroom and water stops along the way too which is great as they always seem to be in the right spot at the right time if you know what I mean! LOL! The scenery is fantastic with the animals - deer, rabbits, birds and the plants and flowers are just so lush! Here are the pictures to show you some of it!

The sign you can see off of Hwy 28 (other side of Dulles IAP believe it or not!)

This was taken heading up to the trail. Lots of electrical lines but it makes for great radio reception on your Ipod!

Great scenery- oops I mean my DH coming up the trail after a 12 mile run!

No really - great scenery like this on the sides of the trail! Aren't they beautiful?!

More great scenery (my DH!) and coming down off the trail in the other direction from which we run! This is the bridge over Hwy 28.

Now when we move to Ohio I sure hope we find somewhere just as nice to run! There's no worries here cars, people just an occasional biker who tries to see how close they can come to you before moving to the left!

Until next time....................

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I hope everyone is having a great day today! It was an early day for us as we started the intense training part of getting ready for our marathon. We go to an old railroad trail on the other side of Dulles IAP that they've converted into a great exercising trail. It's hard topped and goes for miles and miles! It's called the "W&OD Trail". There are lots of bikers and other runners, walkers and even some roller bladers on occasion. We've seen lots of wild life out there from deer, rabbits, beautiful birds. Nice wild vegetation with flowers and stuff! It's really beautiful and not something you'd expect so close to a major international airport! Today was a bigger then my daily run day at 5 miles and my legs felt it! UGH! Brian ran 11 (show off!) He's training for another whole marathon though so he'll always run about twice what I run! We came home and I got cleaned up in time to go to work for a couple of hours, not my ideal Sunday but it makes tomorrow easier! I did stop by JoAnn fabric for some of those cute $1 stamps everyone on SCS is talking about and guess what?! NO STAMPS! OMG! I was so disappointed! I have another JoAnns to check though so I have my fingers crossed! After a nice meal of spinach and cheese ravioli with Alfredo sauce, salad and Texas toast to decided I needed my Starbucks fix! I didn't add it to my count but I walked up to the one on the corner - 1.5 miles away! That's an extra 3 miles today! I do love my Starbucks but I sure hope I don't pay for it tomorrow with sore legs! Well Happy Father's day to all the Dads out there!

Until next time...........

Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome to my world!

Hello and welcome to my world! This is my new blog to share all sorts of crafting, running and family things going on! I have an old blog (Crafty Chiks Playground) but because of some goof ups that I can't get blogger to help me with I started a new one! Just a little about me;

Proud Air Force wife - DH is an E9

Mom of 3 great kids - Jessica is 23, Michael is 20 and is a Navy guy living in Guam, and my youngest is still at home with me, Breanna is 15!

Breanna is also my photographer so you'll be seeing lots of pictures from her including the one on my header! Give the girl a camera and it's like seeing the world through her eyes as she takes some very interesting photos of things I would never think of!

I like to stay active and I try to run every day, at least when the weather is nice enough - I'm not a treadmill kind of girl! So far my biggest accomplishment is a 1/2 marathon which I ran last year. I"m training for another....that means collectively I can say I ran a whole one right?! LOL!

I like to craft just about anything however, I can't do anything with yarn except tangle it up! LOL! My Mom was a yarn magician but that gene was not passed on to this kid! My crafting talents are in the sewing, quilting and paper areas! I have been a pattern tester for one quilt book author (Lois Fletcher of Peace by Piece Designs), I have a quilt block that I designed and quilted in the 50th Anniversary of the Air Force quilt that is now hanging in the Air Force Museum. I've won a couple of contests but nothing big! I used to paint wall murals and windows for a while but hung up my paint brush as I decided it wasn't my "cup of tea"! I am a Stampin Up demo but mostly for the discount! I love their prices on everything and the quality is great! But, alas, I am a rubber stamp junky and have them from every where including a couple of new favorites which are "Paper Trey Ink" and "Bella Stamps"! I've also adopted quite a few from Michael's so I guess you could say I'm not monogamous to SU! LOL!

For now I'm the registrar at a local elementary school. I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB! Well, I love working with the kids anyway! They all make my day! Nothing beats being swarmed by kindergartners just wanting a hug! Someone told me once - don't pass up an opportunity to hug a child, it may be the only one they get!

This summer marks 3 years we've been at this duty location and finds us on the move again! My DH was selected to go back to school so we're heading North to Ohio! We're also building a house in Beavercreek Ohio - yeah! I finally get to practice what I've been learning on HGTV! LOL!

That's "me" in a nutshell!

I hope you come back to visit often!

Until then.....................................