Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Our house in DC is empty now and every noise echoes in the house! We consider ourselves to be very clean people (almost anally so!) doing a deep clean every weekend, well craft room being the exception but OMG! I moved furniture and had to run for my life a few times! LOL! Killer dust bunnies were lurking behind the bigger pieces of furniture I couldn't move the whole time I was there! I swear they had fangs! So, today armed with a big old broom and my handy Swiffers, backed by the team from Molly Maids we're going to show these little rascals who's boss! LOL! Tonight we close out with our landlord, say good bye to our neighbors closing this chapter of our military career! We head out for Atlantic City to hang out at the beach and Breanna can work on her tan! Brian will probably gamble a little as well while I take a nap! LOL! Since these two are such big chocolate lovers, I mean if they needed a transfusion I'd have to hook them up to a bottle of Hershey's and not blood, we're going to Hershey as well to hang out for a day! Then, open the first page of the next chapter beginning in Ohio! We'll be the newest Buckeyes in town! Yeah! We're actually pretty excited about this move since it's a really good opportunity for my husband and he deserves it!
So, if you don't hear from me for a while then it's either because I fought the dust bunnies and the dust bunnies won or we're on the move and I'll be back soon! LOL!

Until next time.......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Keeping My Promise

Okay I figured it out! I knew there was a way for me to get my pictures of the cards I've done since my DH took my regular computer to Ohio uploaded to share! YEAH! I did it with my cell phone! That will hopefully explain the quality of pictures I have on here for the next few days! This particular card is made with everything from Stampin Up with the metal heart being the exception. That is a charm from the wedding section of Michaels. I made a bunch of these and sent them to my brother stationed in Iraq. They are sort of like Mother's day cards but whose to say you can only show Mom the love one day a year?!! I hope you like it and I will try to redo it with a better picture later!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Official......Again!

Yep, it's official (again!) My DH and I will be running the USAF marathon again!!

Brian will run the full marathon (26.2 miles) and I will be running the 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles)! Exciting! The fun part is that my brother will be running with me and my Dad and my daughter will be walking the 5K too! This will be a great photo at the end for a 3 generation picture of participants! I'm so excited about that, it's all the training that goes into it - ugh! So that's my news I wanted to share! Pray for me and my legs and those of my family that we cross the finish line again!

Until next time.....

We're Home!

Well we made it home, well to what's left of it anyway! It just doesn't feel like home anymore =o[! Oh well, new chapter in our book of life and it will be what we make of it! We had a great trip but unfortunately with us using our laptop I can't download any pictures! Darn it! We did get to see my Dad, brother and his family and my DH's sister and her family! You gotta love seeing the kids though! You know the old saying "loose lips sink ships"? Just imagine us sitting at a table eating and my nephew piping up and telling us how my brother and his wife go into the bathroom for an hour....... Ummmmm can you say "TMI"! LOL! Oh but the looks on their faces was priceless! My brother shaves his head but let me tell you he glowed like a red bulb at Christmas! Obviously we changed the subject REALLY fast! LOL! He did manage to sneak in a few more stories though and one was of him being a hula hoop champion for his grade at school! Now if we could only keep him telling us those stories....! LOL! We went to see "Dark Knight" too! OMG! That movie is everything they said it would be and more! I don't usually get into those types of movies but, darn this was a really good one! So, if the chance comes up - GO! Get a babysitter though if you have really little ones as I can see why they say they joker can be a little scary!

So we're home now and I have more news to post - next post!!

Until next time......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Link Fun!!

Well, today we leave for a few days to North Carolina to visit my Dad! We have plans right now to see "Dark Knight" while we're there too! Have you seen it yet?! I've heard nothing but good stuff about it so I'm game! I plan to post while I'm gone but just in case how about some more links of fun blogs I subscribe to?!! Grab your coffee and enjoy! Don't miss out on her video tutorials! <-- don't miss the chance to win some "limelight loot"! LOL!

Here is a couple of really neat sites with tutorials on how to make neat gifts! It's never too soon to start your Christmas gifts! <-- great place to order from too <-- I've ordered from her a couple of times and got excellent service! She has a blog as well so don't miss it (link up above!) <-- great scrapbooking ideas here!

I hope that keeps you going till I get back!

Until next time.......

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's Up....

I say that quoting my friend Tane, and a phone call we had this morning! She's so much fun and I just love her to death! She is one of those consistent rainbow, happy, your day is so much better if you've just had a little bit of time with her type people! So she called me this morning so we could make plans for me to cry, I mean to say good bye one last time! I will be very sad tonight after dinner....maybe I can postpone.....

Anywhoo since our other computer with all my pictures is up in Ohio now and I can't up load any pictures I thought I'd share some of my inspiration with you! Here are some other blogs I like to visit and make like a sponge to soak up their ideas!


Okay so there's a few! I'll share some of my favorite stores tomorrow! I'm going to try to figure out a way to get some pictures uploaded without my other computer! I know there's a way I just have to figure it out! LOL!

Until next time...............

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Got Noticed!

YEAH! My blog made it to Allison's blog! I'm so excited! Allison Fillo is her name and telling the world about scrapping/blogging is her game! I have a direct feed to her blog so that I can get a daily dose of crafting, scrapping and card making ideas! Want to see what I'm talking about? Go to this site

Or, just click on the name "Allison" on my left sidebar under "Blogs That I Stalk"! I tried several times to add a hyperlink, even contacting my computer guru (aka Breanna) and no luck! Sorry! Go anyway as she will open you up to a whole new world!!

Thank you Allison!


Until next time........

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Day Today

Today went by SO fast! It seems like I just woke up! Well maybe I'm just tired and that's all it is! LOL! I just came back from the clubhouse where I did a little work out of 3 miles and 6 reps on the weight machines! So, to what fun am I referring?! Today was my DH's going away luncheon and we were invited to come along! It's at these ceremonies that I actually get to find out what he does when he disappears into that building for 10 hours before coming home! I wish I had one of those chatty husbands like some women do but, no, mine only says "nothing much" when I ask! LOL! Hhhmm you did a budget consisting of billions of dollars (yeah my eyes bugged out too!) and redid the whole schoolhouse, rewrote training manuals and you call that "nothing" sheez! No wonder he thinks I don't work hard! LOL! Here's a few pictures to share of todays fun! He's so handsome in his uniform!

Here's all 3 of us after Brian got his award - don't look at my feet..... you looked didn't you! LOL! Somebody should have told me not to wear those kind of sandals with wide feet! Anyone out there a size 8 shoe?!

The best part of the whole ceremony for Breanna! What a happy girl here!

Here he is all handsome! Sorry about the blackout on the General's face but I didn't have his permission for posting it! He was the funniest guy ever! OMG! I totally loved listening to him talk! If you've ever gone to a military function you know that's a big deal!

Never Enough Notebooks!

Have you ever gone somewhere and had that need for a piece of paper to write on?! I can't tell you how many times I've thought exactly that! Wouldn't it be fun to pull out one of these notebooks?! I made these for the 4 women, yes 4 women (then he comes home to 2 more....poor baby! LOL!)that work with my DH, as a "thank you" of sorts for everything they do for him! I got a pack of mini notebooks from Wal-Mart or CVS - can't remember where but I knew I could put them to good use! Well, actually that would explain a lot of stuff on the floor, in boxes and on shelves in my craft room! LOL! Anyway, I used a mixture of SU products, scraps and random stamps that I had in my stash to create these. He mentioned they might not like "frou-frou" so I made them with no bling and no ribbon! I guess he knows them better then me! I had perfect matching ribbon for them too - darn! Anyway, I hope you like them!

This one was actually for a friend of mine! See! Frou-frou! I guess that makes 5 notebooks though huh?! LOL!

Until next time......

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Show Goes On.....

Here is my last slide show for today! These are pictures of different things or gifts I have made too! Let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time....

Getting Scrappy Now!

Here are a few of my scrapbook pages! I hope you like them!

Until next time.....

It's In The Cards.....

I was just thinking, I know it can be dangerous and has been known to get me in trouble but.... I like trouble! LOL! I thought maybe you might like to see some of the cards I have done! The easiest way I could think of to share some was with a slide show! There are quite a few on here so grab a drink or a snack, sit back and hopefully enjoy! I'll do my scrapbook and other creations next!

Until next time.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who Wants Candy?!

In my blog surfing I came across a great blog that is having a blog candy giveaway! YEAH! It's the best kind - sugar free, calorie free but not "fun free"! Imagine what you can do with all those goodies! LOL! You can't win if you don't play so here's the link;

Good luck!

Until next time..................

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Am I Dreaming.............

Is this my daughter actually making our dinner?!! Why, yes it is! My friend Chantal gave us a 29 minutes til dinner cookbook from Pampered Chef as a going away gift (she's the best!)! How'd she know we needed that?! Anyway add that to a bored teenager and you've got her making dinner! So what's on the menu tonight? BT Mac & Cheese! It turned out rather good in my opinion! There are a few more recipes on her list so it can only get better!

***Disclaimer - no I'm not disclaiming the teenager (she's way too cute to not take credit) I have no affiliation with Pampered Chef other then really liking and using a LOT of their products (yep that's 2 PC knives and cutting boards too!)! Oh and what was I doing while I was avoiding the child labor laws as she made dinner instead of me?! Well, he he he you'll have to come back later and see!

Until then.............

What's Going On?!

So, okay, we're moving....soon, very soon. We've done this a kazillion times already, well, okay maybe not that many but we've done it a LOT! I love to move and the excitement of a new place, new discoveries, friends etc.. Then again, I don't care for this part of the move! The in between part! You're at a point where it's hurry up and wait. Not enough time to make many plans but then you have to make all sorts of plans. Your pantry is very low - you're torn between spending more to save more and give away less and actually eating a decent meal. Your friends all want to see you but the calendar is so full you're not sure you'll be able to! Now add to that I've been sick enough to stick to my bed for about 2 days - almost straight! For pure vanity reasons (and I'm sticking to believing I'm still 29) I had to get up to get my hair done and feed my family too! It's crazy I tell ya! Well, when I saw a link for mixing up words it seemed perfect for describing how things are right now! I put all the words that came right to my mind as I typed. Of course, when I was done I thought "oh I could have added this, that and the other words too"! This is the gyst of how it's all coming together right now!

Pretty cool huh?! Want to make your own? Go here

Have fun,
Until next time.....