Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's Going On?!

So, okay, we're moving....soon, very soon. We've done this a kazillion times already, well, okay maybe not that many but we've done it a LOT! I love to move and the excitement of a new place, new discoveries, friends etc.. Then again, I don't care for this part of the move! The in between part! You're at a point where it's hurry up and wait. Not enough time to make many plans but then you have to make all sorts of plans. Your pantry is very low - you're torn between spending more to save more and give away less and actually eating a decent meal. Your friends all want to see you but the calendar is so full you're not sure you'll be able to! Now add to that I've been sick enough to stick to my bed for about 2 days - almost straight! For pure vanity reasons (and I'm sticking to believing I'm still 29) I had to get up to get my hair done and feed my family too! It's crazy I tell ya! Well, when I saw a link for mixing up words it seemed perfect for describing how things are right now! I put all the words that came right to my mind as I typed. Of course, when I was done I thought "oh I could have added this, that and the other words too"! This is the gyst of how it's all coming together right now!

Pretty cool huh?! Want to make your own? Go here

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KimWilliamson-Dickirson said...

Hey Michelle! I'm on the stampohio group - we just left WPAFB and are now at Tinker! "where Ever the Air Force sends us!" rings true here, also! I hope you like the Dayton area, we were only there for 2 years. Brian made CMS and we hit the road again. But we love the OK City area so far! Well - see ya on StampOHio! - Kim