Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag I'm "It"!

Remember that game from when we were younger?! Chasing each other around until you're so out of breath you just collapse on the ground and laugh some more! The computer version is just as much fun, okay it's funny (funny to find out who's the weirdest that is! ) just a funny minus the itchy grass feeling you get after laying in it for too long! LOL! So I've been "tagged" now and am about to reveal seven, yes, brace yourself, 7 strange facts about me! Now who did this? The person to point the blame at is none other then Dragana Skoro the "Happy Inker" herself! You have to visit her blog as this is one seriously talented lady! I'll wait for you to come back...... Okay are you back now?! Back to me! Here are those 7 treats, I mean "facts" you're dying to know about me!

Oh yeah, what's a game without rules?! Here they are;

So, the rules are:

Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Back to those "oh so fun" details about me!

1) I can't eat meat with a bone in it! Don't know why but I can't! My DH always takes the meat off the bones for me! What a guy huh?!! He's the bestest!

2) I'm really not 29 - ha ha ha! I love that little kids at the school where I worked as a registrar used to totally believe me since that's "old" to them! I blow out the candles Oct 27 but I won't say how much experience I have at it!

3) I don't like stuffed animals! I know, what's wrong with me?! I used to pay my kids to get rid of them at yard sales! LOL! They liked that I pointed out the monetary value in them if they sold them! LOL!

4) I ran my first half marathon when I had 13 years of experience at being 29 and my second one a week ago! He he he I see you counting on your toes!

5) I've moved over 29 times in my life (twice overseas)! First as a child with my parents! My Dad climbed the corporate escalator and it moved us up the country! Then as an adult while military and now as a dependent spouse - still on the move!

6) I can wiggle my nose and my ears and pinch with my toes! Breanna can too, she's just working on the toe thing! Just wish it didn't happen in Church - I do admit it's funny to watch my DH try not to laugh when he's the victim of choice!

7) When I go grocery shopping I have to put things in the buggy neatly - like a puzzle. I also have to unload it to the belt myself! My poor family get funny looks because they don't help - I'll just fix it and tell them to let me do it! LOL! It has to be done a certain way... Needless to say I go alone a LOT!

Okay that's me in a nutshell! Now I get to choose my 7 victims, I mean other bloggers! So I choose.....

Kela - my good friend who loves me a lot!! Maybe not after this tag but....
Mandy - my favorite Changito monkey enabler!!

You know who else I'm tagging?! I am on the new Design Team for "The Rubber Cafe" and have some extremely talented team mates! I think I need to know more about them! He he he! I Tag them "ALL"!! Don't hate me girls!! Can't wait to see your interesting facts! LOL!

Okay I'm off to let my team mates know I tagged them!!


Until next time....

More of Bon Appetit!

I couldn't leave well enough alone! I had to play with my set from "The Rubber Cafe" a little more! My set of stamps called "Bon Appetit" just sat there begging for more attention so, I caved! I did it! LOL! One year we were given this book on wines. Great gift for someone who likes wines right?! My DH drinks wine, I don't drink at all! Don't get me wrong here it is a great gift but, what if you wanted to make something to go with it..... something to mark the place of the next wine you wanted to try perhaps?! That's what I was thinking when I made the book mark below!

I used scraps from all my other projects with this set but I used StazOn brown ink to put the leaves on the cork.

I had gone to an Italian Festival with a friend a few weeks ago. While we were walking around I found the cork I used here and thought "I should keep this since you never know when you might need one"! I wasn't wrong! LOL! I needed it shortly afterwards! YEAH!

The next picture is using that same set "Bon Appetit" from "The Rubber Cafe" but this time I used it for accents on a scrapbook page! I had some pictures taken a few years ago (don't know who that fat chick is in the picture.....oh's me!) of when my family came to California (I was due any day if you can't tell!). We went to a few wineries in Napa Valley and my parents took this picture of me and my two younger brothers! The brother on the right (in the picture) is the same brother who was just up here to run the 10K at the USAF marathon and the other is the one who just got back from Iraq a month ago!

This is a shot of the whole layout. You can barely see them since they're on black but the bare spaces actually have dew drops in them! I used scraps from my other projects for this layout. The solid is from The Paper Company and the DP is from Bo Bunny Press! I used SU Purely Pomegranate ink for the stamped images.

This is a close up so you can see how the grapes look and totally tie in the wine/grape theme of the layout! The journaling for the page was written in the "frame".

Well, I hope you like my projects! I have one more to do and then it will be on to a new set with all sorts of new ideas I've already got going! LOL!

Until next time....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newest Blog Header Photo

Do you like my new blog header photo?! My daughter took this picture last weekend at the marathon! Kind of gives you an idea of how early we had to get up that day but that's besides the point! LOL! I love the warm colors of the horizon as the sun rose over Wright Patterson AFB! She has such a good eye for pictures, JMHO of course as a biased Mom! LOL!


Until next time....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Getting So Big Now!!

It's almost like watching a baby grow! LOL! We stopped by our house yesterday and look at the difference this week! I can hardly believe I am already walking through what started off as just a sheet of paper and a long, long list! LOL!

Big change from the pictures of the hole I posted not too long ago! LOL!

Until next time....

Sympathy Card

It's funny how some people come into your life and stay while other's come and go. Funnier yet is the association you have with these people! For me some of these would be my former in-laws. I have kept in touch with them over the years, even visiting them before we moved to Germany so Breanna could have some time with her "Grandma Betty and Grandpa Cal"! Unfortunately, Grandpa Cal passed away recently after a tough fight with pancreatic cancer. He was such a sweet, talented and giving person and I'm so sorry he's gone! I decided to make Grandma Betty her card as she is one of my biggest fans of my crafts - actually usually adds to my craftiness with her own! I knew she'd appreciate a card made by hand, unique in it's own right!

I went with all soft colors here using mainly SU cardstock. I ran the shimmery white through my cuttle bug for a little texture. The flowers are from Michael's and I just swiped them a little bit with pink to coordinate with the pink layer. I also embossed the words. I thought it would make it a more elegant card. I hope she likes it! I hope you do too!

Here it is;

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bon Appetit!

I'm so excited to share these pictures with you today! These are my first samples for the Design Team I am on! We were able to choose some stamps that we wanted to work with for this month! It was hard to decide as there are a lot of great choices there! The one I finally settled on is called "Bon Appetit" and is actually a set of 6 stamps. So far I have made 3 cards but you know I'm getting my layout right for using them in a scrapbook page too! I have some pictures of my family when we went to Napa Valley California to see the wineries! Wouldn't this be the perfect set to accompany that page?!

Take a peek and don't forget to check out the stamps I've used as well as the others!

I opted to go for a simple layout and idea for this one! I wanted it to be so you could give it to a man or a woman. I found some awesome paper from "The Paper Company" and "Bo Bunny Press" to use for this one! The words are actually in French and mean "Joy to Life"!

I came to this design by accident! LOL! I was trying to make a different card using my brayer, well actually one my Sister-in-Law gave me. It had apparently set for a while and has a flat! LOL! When I rolled it in my SU purely pomegranite ink and then on the paper it made these weird lines across it! Can't use that but.... when I played around a little more I thought - "Hey, stamp the grapes in black and use my other new Bo Bunny Press designer paper, a couple of scraps I had, layered it all on SU Basic Grey cardstock and....." I was tickled with the outcome except I thought it still needed that "oomph"! Easy fix - embossed the French words on it and called it done!

Aaah I think this one is a favorite! I used a sketch from SCS (#SC195) and my favorite stamp from the set! More Bo Bunny Press paper along with some more from The Paper Company, added some gold zig pen scribbles on it and some snap brads!

Well, don't forget to tell me what you think of my cards! Come back to see what else I can come up with too! LOL!

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

World Card Making Day = Fun For You!!

YEAH! We're all deserving of a little fun right?! Well why not enjoy yourself on World Card Making Day! When is it?! October 4th, a Saturday coming soon! I'll be spending the morning doing another fun run but, like in my previous post, it'll give me time to think up my new ideas! If you're not doing anything outside your home, like me (after I'm done with my run!), how about having some fun virtually?! Check out my favorite Changito Monkey Stamp enabler's blog! She has some great fun planned! That would be Mandy of Limelight Papercrafts! She's having games, contests and BLOG CANDY!
Go Check it out for yourself and mark your calendars to go back on October 4th so you don't miss out on the fun!

Until next time....

Back To Crafting....

When I go out and do my daily run I have all sorts of things that I think about. Lately it has been about some fun swaps I'm in on my Ohio Stampers group One was for the Egroups home page card contest, another was for our Crazy Day Calendar swap and then for a Halloween swap! Cool thing is I get a card in return! Love that kind of fun mail!

The first picture is of my Crazy Day Calendar swap. My son actually inspired this one by telling me he had wanted to go in the Navy since he was 13 years old! How's that for patriotism! The theme was to be Red, White and Blue in honor of 9-11.

Here's the awesome card I got in return;

This one is for the Egroups Homepage Contest. I saw this little owl and even though it's a Sizzix die I knew I could run it through my Cuttlebug! I did and had no problems! I just loved that background paper too! It's sort of shimmery so the trees have a little sparkle! It's from KI Memories and is called "Grateful Tree Farm". I'm really getting into the layers for cards as the owl alone has 2 layers!

Now we come to my favorite monkey! Is he not the cutest monkey ever! It's Changito! I, of course got these from Mandy at Limelight papercrafts store The pirate one is a sympathy gift I gave myself when I pulled my IT band! I was so scared I wouldn't make it for the marathon that I consoled myself in a way only a fellow papercrafter can understand! I bought new rubber! I figured hey if I'm going to limp I'll get a Changito that limps! LOL! Worked for me!

This is the Changito for Halloween! Don't be scared I think he'd rather have some candy! LOL! I made up 6 of these cards and sent them out to my swap partners and one extra for a special person who does a great job of enabling my monkey stamp habit! LOL!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these! I had fun making them all!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take The Time

To say thank you! Cammie, another papercrafter, is giving away some blog candy in honor of Alzheimer's disease. This is a terrible disease that robs our loved ones of their precious memories and so many families are affected! Please take the time to read her heartfelt words about why she is doing this - grab a tissue too as it's a sweet story that will bring tears to your eyes! I am participating and am sending my card to her nursing home. I am fortunate that I don't have anyone in need of this assistance. When I do, I hope I can show them my appreciation the same way!

Here's my card I'm sending;

My photographer thought I should be in a picture with it as "proof"! LOL! She's such a silly girl! Don't know where she gets it from either - he he he!

Please ignore my "surroundings" too!LOL! It's affectionately known as "area 52" or whatever that alien place is! LOL!

Until next time.......

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Officially Over

Ow, ow, ow, ow, pardon me while I try to sit down! LOL! My front thigh muscles are SO sore.... how sore are they?! I almost had to resort to paying Breanna to go downstairs just to pour my morning coffee! LOL! Luckily she took pity on her Momma and got it for me! It's my reward for running the marathon - sore legs and a medal! LOL! Not to mention a certain sense of self accomplishment! LOL!
The USAF Marathon and 5K are over for another year - 363 days until the next one! We had an awesome time and, best of all, Brian and I both beat our times from last year and my brother did awesome on his first 10K! I'm so proud of him! I managed to beat my time from last year by a whole 5 minutes and that was with a potty break! LOL! Okay TMI! Brian took 10 minutes off his time - this guy is truly Superman in my eyes as he did such an awesome job despite heat that took out several runners on the course! The medic tent was full of runners suffering from heat exhuastion! Brian, unfortunately was one of them and wound up needing an IV! I am sure it was the heat as we were very well prepared since we had stayed so focused on our training despite the move over the summer! There was one of the Pace Group leaders on the cot next to him and another full marathoner on the cot on the other side. This guy actually collapsed just before the chip timing pad and had to be carried over! Brian made it through to get his medal but, the minute he sat down afterwards he was down for the count! Amazing though what a bag of fluids can do as he popped right back up afterwards! He's doing well now though just echoing my first words every time he walks down the stairs too!

Here are some pictures from the race compliments of my little photographer!

This is my Dad, myself and Breanna after finishing our 5K walk! We did good for walking! I'm so proud of my Dad for finishing it too! I really like how he takes good care of himself and inspires me to do the same! Hopefully I'm inspiring Breanna!

William and I ready to run! We're smiling now but.....

We've got our game faces on now...

Here I come down airplane alley to the finish line...notice no smiling here! LOL!

Here we're holding up the sign Breanna made to wave at us as we crossed the finish line!

All 3 of us runners sporting our newest medals! YEAH!!

Just in case you wondered what do the fans do while we're out on the race route?! You can totally see Breanna saying "Like OMG" as she chats up her friends! LOL

Well, that's it for another year! I've already signed up for my next race too! LOL!

Until next time....

We Have Walls - sort of.....

They actually made huge progress on the house! We have walls, well some of them anyway! Imagine my surprise driving up and looking for our house, last time I was here they had just poured the basement floor!

I drove up and couldn't see our house - then I see this and realize! OMG! That's our house! It's finally taking shape! I'm getting so excited!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Finish Line.....

The grass is greener on the other side of the finish line! LOL! The race is over, well not really since I am "scheduling" this post but those words sure do sound good right now! LOL! I'll be posting lots of marathon pictures here soon!

Until next time....

Another Light Bulb Moment!

I love organization! I love when everything has a place and is in it! Now my DH would argue that statement just based on my craft space! LOL! Looking behind me now, I can't blame him! LOL! I do get into messes as I tend to roll from project to project! Anyway, I have so many little things for my projects like buttons, brads, eyelets etc and I had to have something to put them in! I have these little containers that I keep my beads and beading supplies in and I thought, "hey, these containers would be perfect"! Here's a picture of the container;

What I liked about these versus the floss organizer is that the compartments open separately! They also lock so I can't accidentally pop one open and, me being the klutz I can be at times, if I knock it over things won't "travel" like the would if there was one lid! I took this one a little farther by putting the SU "color family" on there in case I needed it! I got mine at Michael's for around $3 too! Not too shabby! I hope you like my idea! I have another one to share with you soon too! This one is "brilliant" too! LOL!

Until next time....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Down to "1".....

Well, if I'm not ready by now I guess it's too late! LOL! One more day and it's "race day"! My Dad and brother got in safely last night and we went to pick up our race packets too! Breanna is even getting a little more excited as our race bags were packed full of goodies! I love going to these big races as they really load you up with things from sponsors! We got tee shirts, granola bars, energy bars, rice cakes and this year we even got Glad Plug - Ins! What, they think we stink afterwards or what?! LOL! Today we're off to see the Air Force Museum and I'm going to take them by our house to see the progress on it too! I'm a little excited to take them to the museum as I actually have a bit of history at the museum! When the Air Force celebrated it's 50th anniversary a group of ladies made a commemorative quilt. They asked for a block from each base symbolizing the mission of that particular base. We happened to live at Langley AFB in Virginia at the time and I was the quilting teacher there! I was chosen to make the block that eventually made it into this quilt! Now it's hanging in a museum! That's one of my little claims to fame! Here's a picture of me in front of the quilt that we took last year;

The block I made is on the second row, 4th from the left. It's easier to see if you click on the picture and have it enlarge! Oh that itty bitty person in front is me! That sort of gives you a better idea of how large this quilt really is too!


Until next time.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Getting Closer.......

Thump - thump, thump - thump..... Can you hear that?! It would be the excited beat of my heart when I think of Saturday! I think it's more excitement then nervousness as I'm prepared and all systems seem to be on "go"! LOL! My family comes in this afternoon, we pick up our race packets this evening, I pick up the special shirts I had made for my Dad, Breanna and I for the 5K Friday night, so only 2 more days!

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exciting News!!!

I have some exciting news! YEAH!!!! I submitted my application to be on a Design Team and guess what!! I got picked! YEAH!!!!

The team is working for an on-line store called "The Rubber Cafe" and I'm so excited about it too! I was chosen to work with some other very talented ladies, whom I hope I can keep up with! So keep an eye out for more fun things to be posted here soon! YEAH!!!

3 Days and Still Counting.....

If only the butterflies of nervousness in my stomach would be still today! 3 days till the marathon, my family comes tomorrow and I have SO much I need to do to get caught up after being without power! YEP! Power came back on late yesterday - thank goodness! Why am I still sitting here?! Yikes! I hope you all have a great day today!

I have great news to share when I come back!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't Mess With Mother Nature!

As I type this post I am sitting at the base library using their public computers. Why?!! Well Mother Nature, in cahoots with Hurricane Ike, decided to give the Miami Valley in Ohio a little bit of a hard time! We have been without electricity for over 48 hours now and there is not much hope for a while. Of course I base that on comments I am overhearing every where I go! Who knows though as it could be on when we get home! You never know in situations like this! Lucky us though, we have the base facilities to use! Even though we're without electricity, which means I can't even get my car out of the garage, we're fortunate enough to still have a stable roof over our heads and sustained no damage other then throwing out all the food in the freezer and refrigerator! Talk about a good purge! LOL! Oh well, still smiling and I'll be back on-line as soon as I can!

Until next time....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Six More Days.......

Getting more nervous now, why?! Don't know! LOL! It's not my first marathon or race for that matter! Maybe it's because my Dad, and 2 brothers will be at the finish line, as will my daughter! I don't want to disappoint them by walking in! LOL! I did 10 miles yesterday on the trail and it was a killer! YIKES! Then again, I didn't have any "Gu" or water except once at 6.5 miles and it was 99% humidity! LOL! I felt like I was going to fall over at the end! I didn't even have the energy to smile at my honey who met me at the last .10 and sprinkled me with water! LOL! Normally I grin like a Cheshire cat but not yesterday! UGH! One nap, one cup of coffee and some G2 later and all was well! We even did our family pictures, went to church and ate dinner! I ate like a pig too! LOL!

Well, until next time........

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seven Days..........

Seven days and counting until the USAF marathon! YIKES! I'm as ready as I'll ever be I guess! LOL! Today was my last "big run" in my training too - 10 miles! We had 99% humidity so it was harder then usual too! I did it though! Now I'm off to sneak in a little nap...

Until next time.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

It Doesn't Look Like This Now....

He he he! Guilty! Guilty of having it clean long enough for a picture! LOL! I thought I'd share another "Light Bulb Moment" with you! Have you seen the paper storage areas the crafters have been making out of the wire cubes you can find at Target?! Well, I decided it would work for me too so, I got it! Well, when you make this into the paper storage you could easily be like me and, have an extra "side"! Well, what do you do with that extra side?! You turn it into an SU punch holder! That's what! I simply put it on the extra piece on my shelving unit, secured it with some "zip ties" (commonly used in packaging too) and VOILA! Punch storage! Still not sure what I'm talking about?! Take a look at the picture below;

Can you see them? They're on the 3rd, and biggest shelf. I simply put them in there using their handle to hold them in place. They're at such an angle that I can look at their underside and see which one it is! I found too, if I place circles next to each other I can tell the bigger or smaller ones from each other! It holds 15 of the bigger punches like this! I hope this idea helps someone else too! I get lots of great ideas from other ladies out there on their blogs! Time to share mine!

p.s. - I'll show you a picture of my storage with the cubes next time! My camera battery is low tonight!

Until next time......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Forever is a long time isn't it?! That word seemed perfect for my project I was working on! This past Friday when I participated in a "Virtual Scrapbook Night" the guidelines were "black & white" for referee's and other football type of things! If you weren't into football (umm, that would be me!) then anything black & white would work! Soon as they said those colors I remembered I had a picture I had copied of my parents cutting their wedding cake. It was going to go into "my" scrapbook eventually so, why not now! Anyway, here is my interpretation of their Black & White theme;

Edited 02/12/08 - Picture was removed for publication! YEP! It's going to be in an "On-Line" magazine! YEAH!!!

The solid color paper is SU, don't remember where I got the black and creme DP, the ribbons are from Michael's and from a scrapbook store, the flowers are from the wedding flower tins at Michael's and the bling is from Michael's $1 vortex/spot! I also got the vellum words at Michael's! I used the SU stamp set "Baroque Motifs" for the bottom and the punch is an old Fiskars punch I have had for while! I never really used it until I saw someone demonstrate a neat idea with the new SU scallop punch not too long ago! I thought why not use it in this layout! I like it!

Well I hope you like it!

Until next time.......

Monday, September 8, 2008

She's So Tiny..

Yep! She was! My third child was almost 1/2 the size of my first two kids! She weighed in at 5.02 lbs where my other two weighed in at 8.07 lbs and 8.09 lbs! I had this picture in my photo box and had this paper in my scrapbooking area and when I thought about it - they were a perfect match! LOL! Her little foot looks just like the foot print on the vellum paper! I have no clue where the papers are from since I've had them in my possession for quite a while now! LOL!

She's about 3 weeks old in this picture and my DH had her in her chair watching him make fudge for a school project! We have slides of pictures of her watching him - wide awake for the most part too! Can you believe he gave her her first taste of chocolate then too! LOL! Not much has changed since then either!

I hope you like it!

Until next time.....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Neat Christmas/Craft Fair Idea!

Over on SCS there is a thread going on about what to make for Christmas gifts! I have a little idea that I did for a craft show last year that is definitely not a budget breaker and is fun to boot! I am posting the only picture I can find right now of my magnetic refrigerator calendar! It's a great scrap user and can be personalized and is great for both men & women depending on the stamped image you put on there! Here is the picture, the calendar is the item in the middle;

I used the $1 magnetic frames you can pick up at Walmart, scrap paper, the stamped image is from SU's "Ginger Blossoms" and SU black grosgrain ribbon. You have to be careful how much you put on it as they can't way too much. If they do - they slide down your refrigerator door! LOL! How aggravating would that be?! LOL! You could put another magnet if you had to! I can't remember where I got the calendars from but I know I did a Google search for calendars and found a great, cheap, resource! LOL! I hope this helps someone make some great gifts!

Until next time....


Yep, I'm yelling! LOL! Why? What is my good news that I can't wait to share?!! My brother, who was in Iraq - is HOME! YEAH!!! Isn't that GREAT news?! I'm pretty excited! He's home all in one piece and ready to move on with his life! He had a pretty rough time while he was over there, understandably, but not all from the war! He's tough though, and is dealing very well with it all! I'm just so glad he's home! I have this one picture of him to share;

He's in debriefing and is taking care of some business but then he's off to see his kids! He also has a message for all the people who sent over cards and gifts to him - it meant the world! He shared with everyone so no one went without and they all really felt the "love" that was being sent! Thanks to everyone!

Until next time.......

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Popcorn Fesival 5K Race Pictures

Okay, since I showed the "before", actually "night before" shots! I thought I'd post a few from today as "proof" I did really run that race! I did run 5 miles on the trail before starting this race so that's why I look a little tired in the pictures! I hope you enjoy them! I had fun!!

Here I come!! Still grinning!

There I go - wooooh! Look at that time! LOL!

One tired, scrappy girl! LOL!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend! It's beautiful here in Ohio today so we'll be heading back to that festival! That is after I clean my house and get my "photographer/15 yr old daughter" to get up! LOL!

Until next time............

Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Race Day Tomorrow

Well, okay it's a 5K race but it's still going to be tons of fun! I signed up to participate just to make my training a little more fun. Here I am with my number! I had them take my picture tonight as I plan to run before and after and, well, it won't be pretty! I might still have a post race picture... we'll see! LOL

Wish me and my legs luck! LOL! Oh and, if you're curious, the IT band is doing good so far! Now I just have to remember to eat so I don't have a sugar crash in the middle of my run - another story but all is good now! LOL!

Until next time........

We Have Basement Walls!!!

YEAH! They're still making progress on the house! Well, until the rain today put the plumbers behind! We actually have basement walls now! I couldn't get any closer as there was a big piece of equipment and mounds of dirt and rocks in my way! Here it is for this Friday!

Until next time.................

Getting "Scrappy" Today!

I've been "scrappy" today, yesterday and the day before! LOL! I got to finish up some more layouts - yeah me! One just "happened" after a trip to a local scrapbook store! I found the PERFECT paper for a picture of my youngest daughter on her first day of kindergarten! She just "had to" give the teacher an apple, her dress had apples on it so the theme had to have apples! Well take a look at the layout below and tell me - was it not the perfect paper?!!

The background paper, if you're interested, came with a sticker on the back saying it's from Provo and is called Grade School Foil, Learning Tree. The rest of the paper was scraps. The stamps are SU Tart & Tangy and Jumbo Outline letters.

Here's my son on his 9th birthday! He was so excited to have all those gifts and the big one, believe it or not was that hat! LOL! It was called a "Lost Kid Hat" when we got it and it was the "hot item" at the time! LOL! Doesn't he look happy! The layout was part of a challenge over on SCS! The bright yellow paper is SU as are the other solid color scraps again! The balloon paper (the patterned paper) is an old sheet from somewhere! LOL! The stamps are part of an SU set called "Birthday Whimsy" and "Big Birthday Candle" and the number came from my new toys, I mean set from JustRite stamps! You'll be seeing more of these! LOL! Of course, the punches are from SU too!

Well thanks for looking,

Until next time........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rumor Has It......

Rumor has it most people don't care to leave a comment on your blog if they have to type in the word verification. I'm with ya on that one! I usually do it anyway since I really like getting comments on mine back KWIM?! So, just in case, I have now turned off word verification! YEAH! So, if you wanna "give it to me straight"..... you can do it that much faster! LOL!

Until next time........

Muchas Gracias.....

He he he! I am really beginning to fall in love with clear stamps! They're just so much easier to play with! Don't get me wrong, I'll always love my stamps no matter what color but, those clear ones..... Anyway, I went to JoAnn fabric a couple of months ago when they got in a bunch of new designs. I went in just ready to "get me some rubbah" and boy did I come out with a ton of great stamps! A couple of my favorites are below;

I needed a dog stamp and I just fell in love with this little guy! Isn't he cute?! He looks so excited! The card base is SU's "Only Orange" and the other two just came from my stash!

Now this one, well, doesn't everyone need a smart aleck owl stamp?! I'm really getting into these owl images! They're so cute! I still have yet to put words on the inside of this one. I'm thinking of "Ha, ha, ha, "wise man" <--- now that's funny!" Paper is all from my scraps too! Gotta love your scrap bins once in a while right?!

Anywhooooooo (he he he) I have another owl image to share with you tomorrow. I went to a local scrapbook store yesterday and OMG! Wow was this an awesome store! I found all sorts of stuff that I "needed"! LOL! One thing was a sheet of scrapbook paper that was PERFECT for this one picture I had of my youngest on her first day of Kindergarten (wasn't that just yesterday?!!) Do you ever do that?! Walk into the store and find the perfect "stuff" for pictures you weren't even planning on scrapping yet?! I mean it was SO perfect I had to sit right down and finish that layout! I don't know about you but that NEVER happens with me! LOL! I've been busy scrapping some others to share too! Gotta love this blog thing KWIM?! My DH will look at something, not necessarily "seeing it" and say the typical "I don't want my wife to be mad at me" type statement! LOL! So I rely on all you visitors to give it to me straight! LOL!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Monkey-ing Around!

He he he! Don't worry I'm keeping it clean here! We are PG-13 after all! LOL! I love this monkey stamp too! I just love that little monkey! I made this one from my own design as the little guy looked like he needed a place to hang out! I think I have a "thing" for the monkeys because monkeys always make me think of my son! He loves monkeys so much he even had one (proud Momma moment here - not!) tattooed on the inside of his arm! He's going to hate me for this but, well, he even slept with an orangutan that my Mom got him for YEARS! We made it clothes and a back pack and for a stuffed monkey it lived a pretty good life! That is until it had to go live where the toys are hidden that I didn't want to get given away! LOL! Anywhooooo..... I made this card using one of the many stamps I got from Mandy at Limelight Papercrafts (I think I love her shop almost as much as the monkeys!)

She also has some great new ones in for winter! I am already stalking my mailman for "Changito Cocoa". I also got "Changito Pirates" as a sympathy gift for myself last week when I pulled my IT band! LOL! Hey if I'm going to limp so is Changito! So I ordered them and fingers crossed they'll be here tomorrow! LOL! I'll have some more fun monkey stuff soon as my son's birthday, he's turning 21! I don't know how that's possible since I'm still 29.....! LOL! Anyway, being that he's in the Navy, loves monkeys he totally needs a Changito the Pirate themed birthday - right?! He's so going to "hate" me! LOL! Good thing he doesn't read my blog...that I know of! LOL!

Well, don't go away thinking I'm bananas! LOL! Everyone has to love something right?! LOL! Remember more fun monkey stuff coming!!

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Happy Labor Day!

I want to wish all my visitors, whom I love, a "Happy Labor Day"! I hope you enjoy the day and do whatever brings the greatest pleasure to your heart!

For those, curious like me, here's a link that will tell you a little bit about the history of Labor Day;

Click here - Labor Day History

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