Monday, September 29, 2008

Tag I'm "It"!

Remember that game from when we were younger?! Chasing each other around until you're so out of breath you just collapse on the ground and laugh some more! The computer version is just as much fun, okay it's funny (funny to find out who's the weirdest that is! ) just a funny minus the itchy grass feeling you get after laying in it for too long! LOL! So I've been "tagged" now and am about to reveal seven, yes, brace yourself, 7 strange facts about me! Now who did this? The person to point the blame at is none other then Dragana Skoro the "Happy Inker" herself! You have to visit her blog as this is one seriously talented lady! I'll wait for you to come back...... Okay are you back now?! Back to me! Here are those 7 treats, I mean "facts" you're dying to know about me!

Oh yeah, what's a game without rules?! Here they are;

So, the rules are:

Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Back to those "oh so fun" details about me!

1) I can't eat meat with a bone in it! Don't know why but I can't! My DH always takes the meat off the bones for me! What a guy huh?!! He's the bestest!

2) I'm really not 29 - ha ha ha! I love that little kids at the school where I worked as a registrar used to totally believe me since that's "old" to them! I blow out the candles Oct 27 but I won't say how much experience I have at it!

3) I don't like stuffed animals! I know, what's wrong with me?! I used to pay my kids to get rid of them at yard sales! LOL! They liked that I pointed out the monetary value in them if they sold them! LOL!

4) I ran my first half marathon when I had 13 years of experience at being 29 and my second one a week ago! He he he I see you counting on your toes!

5) I've moved over 29 times in my life (twice overseas)! First as a child with my parents! My Dad climbed the corporate escalator and it moved us up the country! Then as an adult while military and now as a dependent spouse - still on the move!

6) I can wiggle my nose and my ears and pinch with my toes! Breanna can too, she's just working on the toe thing! Just wish it didn't happen in Church - I do admit it's funny to watch my DH try not to laugh when he's the victim of choice!

7) When I go grocery shopping I have to put things in the buggy neatly - like a puzzle. I also have to unload it to the belt myself! My poor family get funny looks because they don't help - I'll just fix it and tell them to let me do it! LOL! It has to be done a certain way... Needless to say I go alone a LOT!

Okay that's me in a nutshell! Now I get to choose my 7 victims, I mean other bloggers! So I choose.....

Kela - my good friend who loves me a lot!! Maybe not after this tag but....
Mandy - my favorite Changito monkey enabler!!

You know who else I'm tagging?! I am on the new Design Team for "The Rubber Cafe" and have some extremely talented team mates! I think I need to know more about them! He he he! I Tag them "ALL"!! Don't hate me girls!! Can't wait to see your interesting facts! LOL!

Okay I'm off to let my team mates know I tagged them!!


Until next time....


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Thanks Michelle ... I'll get on this a.s.a.p.!! Nice to get to know you a little better too!!

Dragana Skoro said...

OK, it seems that I am not as strange as I thought. :-) So glad I tagged you. Thanks for playing.

Vanna B said...


I'm alive- I promise! I'm just going thru the motions of life right now--- work, school, home, sleep, travel. Wait- whats sleep? LOL! I'm so proud of you for getting picked up by a team and SUPER jealous of your time spent crafting! I miss you girl! I'm WAY lonely down here without you!!!

Love the pictures of the house and CONGRATS on running the race! I'm not too certain if I will be in either of mine--- long story.


craftyvegan said...

Hi Michelle, Man I was just tagged this week and I also tagged Melissa B as one of my victims so there's 2 rubber cafe girls who have been recently tagged, so if you are curious visit my blog and scroll down! I'm anxious to see what the other girls facts are!

Meredith said...

Ok, I'm a little late but I played along :) Thanks for tagging me!!! I am loving getting to know all the little facts about everyone!!!