Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Officially Over

Ow, ow, ow, ow, pardon me while I try to sit down! LOL! My front thigh muscles are SO sore.... how sore are they?! I almost had to resort to paying Breanna to go downstairs just to pour my morning coffee! LOL! Luckily she took pity on her Momma and got it for me! It's my reward for running the marathon - sore legs and a medal! LOL! Not to mention a certain sense of self accomplishment! LOL!
The USAF Marathon and 5K are over for another year - 363 days until the next one! We had an awesome time and, best of all, Brian and I both beat our times from last year and my brother did awesome on his first 10K! I'm so proud of him! I managed to beat my time from last year by a whole 5 minutes and that was with a potty break! LOL! Okay TMI! Brian took 10 minutes off his time - this guy is truly Superman in my eyes as he did such an awesome job despite heat that took out several runners on the course! The medic tent was full of runners suffering from heat exhuastion! Brian, unfortunately was one of them and wound up needing an IV! I am sure it was the heat as we were very well prepared since we had stayed so focused on our training despite the move over the summer! There was one of the Pace Group leaders on the cot next to him and another full marathoner on the cot on the other side. This guy actually collapsed just before the chip timing pad and had to be carried over! Brian made it through to get his medal but, the minute he sat down afterwards he was down for the count! Amazing though what a bag of fluids can do as he popped right back up afterwards! He's doing well now though just echoing my first words every time he walks down the stairs too!

Here are some pictures from the race compliments of my little photographer!

This is my Dad, myself and Breanna after finishing our 5K walk! We did good for walking! I'm so proud of my Dad for finishing it too! I really like how he takes good care of himself and inspires me to do the same! Hopefully I'm inspiring Breanna!

William and I ready to run! We're smiling now but.....

We've got our game faces on now...

Here I come down airplane alley to the finish line...notice no smiling here! LOL!

Here we're holding up the sign Breanna made to wave at us as we crossed the finish line!

All 3 of us runners sporting our newest medals! YEAH!!

Just in case you wondered what do the fans do while we're out on the race route?! You can totally see Breanna saying "Like OMG" as she chats up her friends! LOL

Well, that's it for another year! I've already signed up for my next race too! LOL!

Until next time....


Kathy ~~~ said...

way to go!!!! Better you than me...hee hee I don't know how you do it. Love the pictures.

Mandy said...

Hooray! You go, girl!! ;)

Janine said...

Congrats to you!!!