Friday, September 12, 2008

It Doesn't Look Like This Now....

He he he! Guilty! Guilty of having it clean long enough for a picture! LOL! I thought I'd share another "Light Bulb Moment" with you! Have you seen the paper storage areas the crafters have been making out of the wire cubes you can find at Target?! Well, I decided it would work for me too so, I got it! Well, when you make this into the paper storage you could easily be like me and, have an extra "side"! Well, what do you do with that extra side?! You turn it into an SU punch holder! That's what! I simply put it on the extra piece on my shelving unit, secured it with some "zip ties" (commonly used in packaging too) and VOILA! Punch storage! Still not sure what I'm talking about?! Take a look at the picture below;

Can you see them? They're on the 3rd, and biggest shelf. I simply put them in there using their handle to hold them in place. They're at such an angle that I can look at their underside and see which one it is! I found too, if I place circles next to each other I can tell the bigger or smaller ones from each other! It holds 15 of the bigger punches like this! I hope this idea helps someone else too! I get lots of great ideas from other ladies out there on their blogs! Time to share mine!

p.s. - I'll show you a picture of my storage with the cubes next time! My camera battery is low tonight!

Until next time......

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