Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Funny To Share and More!

So yesterday I was walking into my building, about a 1/2 mile hike for me each way as the parking lot is huge and the building is loooong, anyway normally I just get lost in thoughts of what takes priority once I get in my seat. Well my thoughts were rudely interrupted by two crazy Canadian Geese on top of the building trying to make sure their presence was known! A couple of ladies were walking out, talking to each other and what I heard one of them say made me stop in my tracks, "did she say what I think she said"?! Here's her words "how did they get up there?! Did they climb?!!"!! OMG! Here's your sign!! LOL! I was laughing the whole way in! What a way to start the day right?!
A friend of mine, Lindsay is a talented lady with multiple irons in the fire (like most of us!) has opened her own digital design store, Lindsay's Stamp Stuff. What is a digital design store?! Well, it's a stamping store where you get your designs electronically to print out yourself! While I still love my clear stamps and definitely my red rubber stamps just as passionately as I did before, I'm finding these digital designs rather cool to work with! When I decide which one I want to print out I can do so many things, print multiple ones at one time, do mirror image, rotate all sorts of things! It's really cool! Well here is my first project using one of her hand drawn designs!

This card is using her design "Dear Deer". Isn't this perfect for this time of year with new babies every where (you know who I'm thinking about.....!) It also reminds me of Bambi! I loved that story! Anyway, how about trying this style of stamping out for yourself?! Check out the free one you can get by visiting Lindsay's Blog "The Frugal Crafter" and download her freebie!

Until next time....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's All About Logan .....

First time Bella + 1st visit with new baby + camera = LOTS of pictures...KWIM?! LOL! So what's a girl to do when she has so many pictures (last count was close to 300,anyone want to see the sneeze yet?! LOL!)?!!
I think I have Loganitis BAD! LOL! Well, here's a picture of what a girl should do;

On one of my many "red tag hunting expeditions" at Target I lucked across this photo album for less than $2 (I know, crazy right?!!). This was a good year plus ago and, at the time, I had no clue what I was going to do with it! In it's original life it was a plain Kraft color with black dots. I used SU cardstock, JoAnn designer paper pack later, SU "All in the Family" baby (stamped using my thingamajig) and colored with Copics. Have you caved to the Copics fever yet?! I went so far as buying them but am still sort of intimidated with them so have only done small projects! Soon though I will get my Copics class and I can't wait! Anyway, back to the book, I'll be leaving this one at work as I have another to put in my tote bag that I bring just about everywhere. I'll post that picture another day! In the meantime, let me ask Logan what he thinks of his new photo album.......Logan?

I'm thinking he likes it too! LOL!

Thanks for pacifying me AGAIN!!

Until next time....

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's "Love"...

I love pink and black together! It's such a great combination especially when you add a little green to it! Wow do they "pop"! Well, they did in this combination! I used some of my "Lori Renn Designs" stamps from "The Rubber Cafe" to create this awesome card!

I just love the unique-ness of an acetate card! Isn't this a great anniversary card? Just think of the smile that will cross your loved one's face when they get this beauty! I'm one of those people who remember all the important "anniversaries" so I need lots of these cards. Good thing I have this great stamp to add it to anything I want! They're made of red rubber but can be purchased "unmounted" to help with storage. I personally keep mine in CD cases and then store those in a CD tower! It doesn't get much easier then that ya know what I mean?!

Until next time....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I {heart} my coffee!!

If you know me, then you know I do love my coffee! I can't go without it, it's my "go go juice"! LOL! I have a huge collection of Starbucks cups as I LOVE Starbucks too! We go there every Sunday after church to get our fixes! I say our because my family loves the hot chocolate there! My Dh orders his "nuclear hot" or, as hot as they can legally make it! I'll give you a tip on how to get more coffee in your cup too, I order my coffee to be put in the next size up cup! Make sense?! I order a tall in a grande cup or a grande in a venti cup! I usually get my full size of coffee with room for my Splenda and milk and it won't spill when I stir! Good stuff! So, my family really knows how much I care when I give them a card that says something like's got to be "for reals" as my son used to say!

I used my stamp set from "Queen Kat Designs" to create this card. It's called what else but "Give Me Coffee", also known as my daily motto! The circle stamp looks like it's from an actual cup doesn't it?! It's not! It's actually a stamp called "coffee stain"! I really need to do a better job at keeping the name of my papers that I use but if you're really interested in the name of the DP let me know and I'll figure it out for you! The cardstock is from SU and is "close to cocoa" for the brown and "tempting turqouise" for the blue and for the ink as well. I stamped out the coffee rings using SU chocolate chip... I guess you could say I made chocolate coffee! LOL!

So, I know you're going to rush right over and order your own set of these stamps but I hope you get to before the end of the month! Why? They're on sale 25% off until April 30th, that's why! LOL! Actually all of her acrylic stamps are!!

One more a member of Vicki's, or Queen Kat, design team I also post to her blog! So this card, along with others, have made thier debut already over there. Would you like to see them for yourself? Here's a link to her blog, Queen Kat's Blog! I put some really cute ones up today that will make thier way over here soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Wants Candy..............

A friend of mine, Janet of Corrosive Creations, is offering up an awesome booty of Stamping goodies! Click on her name to see how you can win these goodies;

Give it a shot!

Until next time....


I'm sure by now you can tell I'm infatuated with a new little guy in my life! I think while I was gone I took like 400+ pictures of him and his family! I even got a sneeze play by play using the "sports mode" on my camera! Let me know if you're! That's okay! LOL! So with a new baby you have to have new baby stuff right?! Well how cute are these little onesies here; did this cute onesie sneak in here..... ;)

The stamps I used for the 3 with words are from JustRite Stamps. It's part of their new collection. There are quite a few more in this box but if you go to Melissa's store "The Rubber Cafe" you can see the set and all it has to offer. For $13.95 plus shipping it's a great deal! Go check it out! The star is from her exclusive "Rubber Cafe" collection and is one of those that is a cube with multiple designs on one block. I like this kind because of it being just one stamp and I only have to store one! When you have a ton of stamps the more condensed...the better! Not only is this star perfect for shouting out to the world your new star has arrived like I did here but, don't forget Memorial day and the 4th of July are coming! Wouldn't this stamp be perfect for decorating for those cookouts?! Possibilities are endless here! If you like my onesie card and want to make one for yourself, I must tell you that the pattern came from Lauren Meader, My Time My Stampendence, , an amazingly talented lady! I hope you like my interpretation! Oh and that gorgeous of a kind!

Until next time....

New Love Affair!

I'm baaaack! LOL! I am home from visiting my new Grand baby in Missouri! I just can't express how adorable this little guy is! OMG! Without further's Logan!

Logan and his favorite Bella!

I think I'm in love! LOL!

Thanks for humoring me...

Until next time....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meet Logan

He's here!!! Logan Greggory Hall entered the world last night at 8:18! Jessica did really well and is still doing well! Dad, on the other hand, was zonked out pretty much every time I talked to her! I guess it was rough for him! LOL! Men! My phone rang off the hook last night! Did you know you can sleep on a phone and not realize it?! I don't recommend it though...first time it rings you're pretty much peeling yourself off the ceiling! LOL!Here's a photo uploaded from my phone, it isn't that good but, trust me, I will have better pictures to share soon!

It's still unreal to me that I'm a Grandparent but, hey, what can I say other then he sure is a cutey!

Until next time....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming Soon.........

Meet Logan! This is an ultrasound picture of my soon to be born DGS! He's due to make his entrance into the world tonight starting at 10PM! My oldest, Jessica, is due to be induced at 10PM. I know what you're thinking...10 at NIGHT?! Yeah, at night! I plan to sleep through this delivery....ha ha! At least that's what I keep telling her, I mean she took like 2 1/2 days to get her herself! I should be able to sleep through this one right?! So, here's the big discussion right now! I really don't care for being called Grandma, Nana, Nanny, or any of those sorts of names. It's just not what I'm comfortable being called! To me, that's a factor I think should be taken into consideration! I have a friend who's DGD called her "Bella" and I just loved it! I always said if and when I have DGK, I want to be called that too! I am part Italian so it would be like embracing my Italian side through more then just my stomach! Huh?! I love pasta! Anyway, I toyed with "Grammy" for a bit too. I mean, being associated with a coveted gold statue is intriguing...! LOL! Anyway, how did you decide what your DGK's would call you?! I think it should be what I'm comfortable with! Okay I have operators standing by for your comments now.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Did It!!

I dipped into the world of "digital stamps"! Yep, that is true! I know a lot of people aren't too crazy about not actually holding the block in their hands but, I tried it and it's too cool! I still love my wooden blocks, my red rubber and don't touch my clear stamps but....sometimes I used to wish I could adjust the size of an image to suit my project but couldn't! Well, now I can! My friend Lindsay, a girl with a blog titled after my own heart "The Frugal Crafter", has opened her own digital stamp store! Her designs are way cute too! I tried one of her freebies, a newly hatched chick, from her blog and let me tell you I enjoyed being able to print this off 4 times on one sheet and not have to worry about rocking too much, placement...etc! Here's my card;

Like it? I know, it's an Easter-ish design but it's worth a shot just to try out this new way of "stamping"! If you'd like the design then visit Lindsay over at her place to see what else she's come up with! I'm sure something will catch your eye and, you too will soon be trying it just like me!

Until next time....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Just An Idea!

I'm tired today! Well I guess I should be since I stayed up until almost midnight last night and here I sit 0600 about to get ready for another day! I made a really cool discovery yesterday though! Easter is Sunday and what is Easter without deviled eggs?! So I bought a small pack of pickles, individual serving size, so I can cut them up to put in my egg mixture. Looking the packaging over (future craft potential here?!) and I saw this "Calories - 0"! YEAH! Now that's what I'm talking about! Zero calories! YESSSSS! Sooo what kept me up until midnight was making my meatless meal for tonight, making muffins to take in to my co-workers (they love the Fiber 1 muffins I make - you totally have to try them!) hanging curtains, cleaning etc.. all in preparation for my Dad coming to visit! YEAH!! I'm so excited! Anyway I had to finish up a gift I was making my boss.

Can you believe this is a drink carrier?!!

I had gone to lunch with some other girls a few weeks ago and they had a drink carrier and, gasp..., were going to throw it out! Can you believe that?! I mean how often do you get these with NO advertising?! Rarely right?! I knew I could do something with it! I got two plastic cups from Target with bright colors and used that as my color inspiration! I can't remember the origin of the DP but the cardstock is, well, you know...SU! Not too shabby for having started it at 1100 last night and finished before midnight! Had I started earlier I would have embellished it more! That's okay thought as I'm sure he'll give the "Michelle you shouldn't have" look anyway! He's a lot like me and is careful about what he eats so I filled it with mostly stuff I know he likes and, for his wife, I added chocolate! I have treats for his dogs too but they don't fit in the basket! Over all I spent less then $8 on this! Not bad since my other option was boring flowers that were $9! LOL! Yeah....patting myself on the back for this one...! LOL!

So, if you're wondering.....the drink container came from Bob Evans!

I hope you like it!

Until next time....

Eeeeek!! A Mouse.....

A House Mouse that is! LOL! So raise your hand if you love the House Mouse stamps that are out now?! I know I raised my hand! I have been in love with them for a while and finally purchased my first one! He is SOOO cute! I ordered this one, "Attentive Friend" from The Rubber Cafe. I thought his face had that "cute" and "innocent" look as if he was trying to say something so....I paired him up with some Lori Renn words "I Love You"

So doesn't he look like he's saying that though?!! Oh so innocent!! LOL!
Here's my recipe;

Card base - SU Going Grey
DP - Basic Grey Marrakech
Stamp - House Mouse "Attentive Friend"
Ribbon - Random ribbon from my box
Accessories - Paperclip - Target, silver dots, JoAnn Fabric
I also used the scalloped square nestabilities on here!

Take a close look at the silver dots and you can see me taking the picture! LOL! How funny!!

Well I hope you like today's card!!

Until next time....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Happened To Spring?

So yesterday, walking through the parking lot at work, I was dodging puddles that had FROZEN over! Later on, looking out the door from work - SNOW! OMG! Can anyone tell me what happened to Spring?!! I miss it....I need to get back outside running as I have too many races coming up and, well, you all know I don't do treadmills! LOL! Okay since I'm in mourning for my warm weather how about a nice, bright, sunny card that'll make you "feel" warm?! I made another butterfly card that I just love and, it's a bright sunny one! Take a look;

Here's my card "recipe";

Base card - SU Apricot Appeal
Green - Scrap bin
White - Georgia Pacific white
DP - Scrap bin
Stamps - The Rubber Cafe
Ink - Versamark, SU Orange, SU Green
Ribbon - Michaels $1 bin
Coloring - Copic Markers
Accessories - Piercing mat, Fiskars threaded water edge punch

I think the paper piercing adds a neat touch!! I also used the same swirled butterfly stamp and used it as a background stamp with Versamark ink - can you see it?! If not just click on the picture and you can!

I hope you like it and it helps you think warm Spring thoughts too! Mmmm warm Spring thoughts.....

Until next time....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Want More Stamps - FREE?!!

I'm beginning to think they need to make money more like the way they make jeans these days - more stretch! LOL! Seriously?! I know mine doesn't stretch as far as I'd like! With that being said how would you like it if you buy crafting stuff and you get FREE stamping stuff with it?!! Over at one of my favorite stores Queen Kat Designs, there's a special going on that'll give you that "FREE" stuff!

QKD is doing a Customer Stimulus Package!

We're trying to help make your hard earned dollar go farther!!! Check it out...
Spend $10 and choose a free seperates stamp (up to $3.99)
Spend $25 and choose a free background stamp
Spend $50 and choose ANY stamp set you want!

Just put your stamp choice in the comment box at check out. Prices are before shipping.
AND..... with every order received, you'll get a FREE Paper Peircing Set that includes 1 square template and 1 Circle Template. Simply lay the templates on your paper and start peircing evenly spaced circles and squares! Each template has like 14 different size circles and squares!!

Now that's a stimulus package Obama would be proud of! LOL! Here's a few of my favorites....aka already in my stamp drawer and ready to go!

Being the "hip chick" that I am I had to have these "Hip Aliens"

Behind every woman on the go is a large latte your love of ceffeine with these great coffee centered words - "Give Me Coffee" stamps

I don't have these yet but they're on my list! I try to think "versatility" with my stamps and that they will hopefully transfer past only being good for a card! I like to use them in my scrapbooking! Take a look at these journaling stamps too, they're perfect for those who think like I do!

Now that's a stimulus package Obama would be proud of! LOL!

Until next time....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So Beary Cute...

Is this not the cutest bear ever?!

Can you believe this bear is 13 years old?! YEP! It says "1995" on the label. It's an old one that I can't remember if I bought it or if I inherited it?! I guess it doesn't matter's mine now! LOL! This card is made from a neat sketch off of Queen Kat Designs that you can find here. This was a fun way to really make this bear pop off the page! I used almost all SU items for this with the Ric Rac and the flowers (which are Primas) being the exceptions! Even the words are an SU rub on! I colored her with my Koh-I-Nor pencils and Gamsol. I say "her" since last time the bear was a "he"! Love the versatility of these stamps that you can change the look with just coloring don't you?!

So, why not give it a try?! I mean, if you read this today, and have time, link to her post! She'd love to see what you come up with!! So would I !

Until next time....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome Blog Candy Chance

How would you like to win one of these?! I know, right now after my own Cuttlebug died in action, I'd like to say "I WON"! LOL! If you're interested then go to my friend, and team mate, Melissa's blog and leave an entry! If you become a follower, well get TWO chances! YEAH!!!! So, now whatcha waiting for?! Oh, directions where to go........

Melissa at Creating From The Heart

Until next time....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is It As Hard For You...

Is it as hard for you as it is for me to come up with handcrafted items that a man would like and, perhaps, actually use?! That was my frame (he he he - no pun intended!) of thought when I made this item! I wanted to do something altered and when I recently saw these giant clothespins at a get together I thought "hey......potential"! Well this is what I came up with!

Here's what I used to create this manly gift - a giant clothespin, Basic Grey Marrakech paper pad, Making Memories dots (another sale bin rescue BTW!), 2 brass brads, random ribbon that coordinated, and a great stamp from The Rubber Cafe! The square is actually a coaster that I recovered using more of the Basic Grey paper and my glue stick to adhere it. I used my recently deceased Cuttlebug (I'm still in mourning!) on this to cut out the stamped image. I took a small scrap of the DP I used to redo the heart in the stamped image and just glue it on top of the other one! Could you tell?!
Well, did I get the "manly" part good enough? Now, the toss up - give it to my Dad...give it to my DH or....turn it in to Melissa as a sample....he he he I'm turning it like a good girl but I sure am tempted to keep it! LOL!


Until next time....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeeling The Warmth..........

Aaaaahhh I'm soooo feeling warm right now! The sun is shining through the windows, my daughter is stretched out like a cat again on the feels SO good! Where we live you can even see hints of green in the brush and on some tree tips - Spring is HERE! So to celebrate I'm going to share another bright and happy card with you!

I think this frog is echoing my feelings! Dontcha think?! LOL! This is a Stampin' Up set but, I kind of "frogot" the name of it! LOL! It's probably Unfrogettable but,since I don't have the set, I can't check it! I got these stamped images from my bestest running/scrapping/cyber scrapping buddy Vanessa! We did this like "Mad Scrapping" event last summer, poolside no less, before I left so that we could get the images we wanted from one another! LOL! Too funny! Here we are stamping and coloring and all the other people are in the water or sunbathing...aah good times, good times! LOL! Signs of true dedicated scrapper/stampers right?! LOL! Since then we've "Cyber Stamped and Scrapped" together! Chatting on GMail while crafting and then sending photos via our cell phones of our creations! Gotta love it! Living in the age of technology is awesome!!
Everything is SU with the DP being the only exception and that's Basic Grey "Chemistry" (again) that I got from "The Rubber Cafe". You totally have to check her store out! She has the bestest Spring stamps - butterflies, dragonflies... all sorts of good stamps!
Well, I wish you all happy, warm sunny days like I'm having here right now....aahhhhh off to bask in the sunlight now....

Until next time....