Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Want More Stamps - FREE?!!

I'm beginning to think they need to make money more like the way they make jeans these days - more stretch! LOL! Seriously?! I know mine doesn't stretch as far as I'd like! With that being said how would you like it if you buy crafting stuff and you get FREE stamping stuff with it?!! Over at one of my favorite stores Queen Kat Designs, there's a special going on that'll give you that "FREE" stuff!

QKD is doing a Customer Stimulus Package!

We're trying to help make your hard earned dollar go farther!!! Check it out...
Spend $10 and choose a free seperates stamp (up to $3.99)
Spend $25 and choose a free background stamp
Spend $50 and choose ANY stamp set you want!

Just put your stamp choice in the comment box at check out. Prices are before shipping.
AND..... with every order received, you'll get a FREE Paper Peircing Set that includes 1 square template and 1 Circle Template. Simply lay the templates on your paper and start peircing evenly spaced circles and squares! Each template has like 14 different size circles and squares!!

Now that's a stimulus package Obama would be proud of! LOL! Here's a few of my favorites....aka already in my stamp drawer and ready to go!

Being the "hip chick" that I am I had to have these "Hip Aliens"

Behind every woman on the go is a large latte right....express your love of ceffeine with these great coffee centered words - "Give Me Coffee" stamps

I don't have these yet but they're on my list! I try to think "versatility" with my stamps and that they will hopefully transfer past only being good for a card! I like to use them in my scrapbooking! Take a look at these journaling stamps too, they're perfect for those who think like I do!

Now that's a stimulus package Obama would be proud of! LOL!

Until next time....

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