Friday, October 31, 2008

If It Snowed Chocolate....

I wouldn't have to make my family go outside to shovel! LOL! I would still watch through the window's a tough job but somebody has to do it! LOL! So where did this "chocolate snowflake" topic come from?! Well, this seriously talented lady, not me but also named Michelle, is having a blog give away! If you'd like to see the card that inspired this and put in for the giveaway then go to this other "Michelle's" site and see!

Don't forget to come back and visit me!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Moved....

Well, not yet but soon and this isn't even for us! It's funny how it works for us when we move. It seems as though another member of our family moves too! We move to Va, my parents moved to NC! We moved to Illinois my sister-in-law moved to Maryland, we moved to Germany, my brother moved to NC and now, we moved here that same brother moved to NJ! I swear my family has a thing for paper.....packing paper that is! LOL! My brother is military so that helps with the reason why he moved to NJ! He's going back to his career field from being a USAF recruiter, a loss to the recruiting world as he was a great recruiter! I've sat in on a talk before and he was good AND honest! Don't find too many of those! Anyway, my sister-in-law Mynette found me a cartridge for my Cricut and I need to tell her thanks so I thought "hey, I have the PaperTrey Ink (PTI) set "Boards and Beams" so why not make them some just moved cards! Here's what I came up with;

I also used the PTI kraft paper for the base. This is great paper! It's my first time using it but I don't think it will be the last! It's some good tough stuff! I also used SU Very Vanilla and Red Riding Hood ink and Kiwi Kiss ink. I got the striped paper at Joanns this past weekend just for these cards! I can't remember the name right now but, if you really want to know I'll find out! So here's the dilemma now! I'll be adding more to this set in between T&T tonight but how many do you normally put in a set? Enough to fill the box? A certain number amount.....?! Help me out here! LOL!
Okay, well it's THAT time of day to the showers!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Warm on the Inside...

Yeah we're getting SO much closer on the house now! I can hardly wait! This past week they finished the insulation, duct work and the wiring! Wednesday we will do a pre-dry wall walk through and then, yep! You guessed, drywall goes up! LOL! I missed a couple weeks of posting, didn't miss going out to take the weekly pictures though! I have a great scrapbook idea for them and can't wait to get started....and finish! LOL! That's the hard part!
Enjoy my pictures;

We have plywood walls!

We almost have a roof and just in time before the rain!

They really light up our life with this progress! He he he!

Now we have brick ready to go up! It's getting so close!!

We got to meet our neighors on the right side a couple of weeks ago! Nice young couple with no kids....yet! LOL! I can't wait to meet the rest!

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Yep, if anyone needs any help knowing how to be 29 just ask me! LOL! Yep today is my 29th birthday....ahem, again! He he he! I've been at this for about 15 years now so I'm thinking I'm pretty good at it! LOL!
I had a great day today, worked all day, treated myself to a veggie wrap and a coffee on the side for lunch ! Yuuummmmyyy! I came home 45 minutes early to be with Breanna so all was good! We ate out for dinner and then, my favorite! YEAH! I'm still a kid at heart, even if I'm 29! Ha ha ha! Breanna had started a charm bracelet for me, a few years ago, and I wear it every day. This is a different type though! It's one where the charms are beads that slide on. It's called a "Pandora" bracelet! I got a purse shaped bead this time but I've already gotten an angel, a heart and a big pink glass bead with flowers on it! Those kind of flowers won't die and turn yucky brown! LOL! Click on the word "Pandora" to see what I'm talking about! It's a great gift idea for someone who you don't know what to get them, they get a bead! All sorts of them for different things! I even saw one that was a chicken! Too cool! They won't snag on your sweaters either! I also recieved a scrapbooking bag to take to my crops so I don't look like a beggar carrying around a recycled grocery store bag! LOL! No wonder Breanna changed her mind about going with me last time! LOL! The next gift, my bestest gift...... my Sweet Handsome Honey bought me a laptop! YEAAHHH!!! What a keeper! Yes, and the computer too! LOL! He got me one in chocolate brown too! YUM! That kind of chocolate I like! LOL! So with any luck my next post will be from my new laptop! YEAH!!! I have a great birthday every year thanks to my Handsome Honey, Breanna and my friends and family! I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Okay, I'm off to watch a little tv and then to bed! All good things come to an end!

Until next time....

Post It's

Here is a picture of some of the great crafts I made at Bobbye's classes that were inspiration to make my own! I love going to her classes since she comes up with the coolest ideas! I know what I'm giving my co-workers for Christmas now! LOL! We did one for post it's and the other for calendars! You can google search calendar templates 2009 for one and then make your own!

All the paper used is from SU sincy Bobbye is a demo for them! The coasters, well if you ask your waitperson nicely next time you go out.......need I say more?! LOL!

Until next time....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cool Chicks!

About a week ago I got the coolest stamps in the mail! I ordered the set "Hey Chick" from Mandy and just got around to using it this weekend! I decided to make a card to go with a gift I have to mail out this week and again for another project I made for a co-workers birthday! Check out my "chicks" below!

I made this card using SU Chocolate Chip cardstock, Basic Grey "Urban Prairie/Weather Vane" and my stamp of course! You can barely see it but I did use some Dazzling Diamonds on the chicks in both projects!

This is a little post it note holder! Too cool huh?! I finally, after a year, broke out my Bind It All and used it to make this! I learned this from my friend Bobbye - one talented chick! The base is actually coasters! Just use some glue or your Xyron, if you have one to adhere the paper to your coasters! Easy peasy!

Post It Note holder - inside!

Well I hope you like my projects! I bet you can think of a lot of people who you could give these coaster post it note holders to this Christmas!

Until next time....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Can't Resist A Good Sale!

Ooooh I don't know about you but this time of year I need a sale on EVERYTHING! LOL! That being said and with all my crafting gift making needs, I need those deals in my stamping world too! Well, The Rubber Cafe is having a great sale! Their wood mounted stamps are on sale - 30% off! They have a ton of new stuff in and one product in particular that you really need to check out! This is an item I use almost daily in just about EVERYTHING I do with my papercrafts! I'm talking about my "Scor-Pal".

You know when you look at a template and think "that's just way too many folds to score! You won't say that again! Take it from me! You'll almost make up reasons to use it actually! LOL! Remember my pink boxes I did for the Shoebox swap - total breeze because I had mine to use! Anyway, enough tooting of the Scor Pal just remember to start your Christmas list and let your wishes be known....they even have a cute tote for it....! LOL!

Whatcha waiting for....? Go shopping!

Until next time....

Recycle Fun!!

I'm a self admitting pack rat - there, it's out! LOL! I find "stuff" and sometimes I just have to keep it! My philosophy is " you never know when you're going to need it"! Well, my project I'm sharing with you today validates a good reason! LOL! I told you not too long ago I started a new job on the Air Force Base as an Executive Assistant (fancy title for secretary with some extras thrown in!) for 2 Colonels. It wasn't easy getting everything straight for what I needed just to perform some of my duties! In the course of trying to get it all straight I met the "computer guys"! What a great bunch of guys who were SO ready to help me get straight even though I wasn't in their directorate, welcoming me and making me feel more comfortable - after I walked past a rat in a trap at their front door! LOL! Yes, it was fake but, hey, they all have great senses of humor! Anyway, I decided to thank them for being so helpful. What better way to fill that need AND to use a recycled item at the same time!
I made some "Coq Au Vain" (SP?) with a VERY yummy sauce from Williams and Sonoma the night before the marathon. When my DH tried to throw the jar out I about had a fit! There was no printing on the lid AND it was black AND Halloween was coming......! LOL! Here are some pictures of what I decided to do with it.....

The before shot, gotta have one of those right! It had one of those hard to get of plastic labels so this was as far as I got!

Isn't it cute?! I didn't do anything to the top, I mean it is for guys after all AND it's packed full of chocolate which they all admitted they can't get enough of! So for the mercy of paper (which I love too much to put through that roughness) I chose not to put any on there!

Here's a close up of the image! I did the masking technique for this look! Not too shabby for my first attempt! YEAH!!!

I used SU's Whisper White paper, Only Orange, the ribbon is a good find from Michael's Dollar Bin (love that bin!) and the stamp is also from SU - Carved and Candle Lit. That is one awesome set as I have even used it for making cupcakes which my youngest is the Queen of making for her friends! Anyway, purple Stickles and SU Basic Black and Only Orange ink round out the recipe! Fun, Fun, Fun! I hope they like it and I hope you do too!

Sorry the quality of the pictures isn't my norm but I was anxious to share before I take it to work today! I mean, I am dying to visit that rat again...NOT! LOL!

Until next time.....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Better Be Good...

Cuz Santa is watching you! LOL! Or so you'd think with this card! I went to Michael's recently and saw this stamp - instant love! I, of course, waited till I had a coupon and bought it! The potential for this one is awesome! So far I have done one card but have mental plans for many more! I used a card style that I picked up at the Shoebox Swap I went to last weekend too! Don't pass those up as you can get some great ideas! So, here's my card;

I used SU Chocolate Chip cardstock, some more paper given to me at birth , SU Very Vanilla cardstock, SU "Snowburst" stamps on the brown paper with SU Chocolate Chip ink, ribbon is from Michael's too, my glue pen and some Dazzling Diamonds! I just love this card! I will probably add it to my box I am sending over to the troops! They need some fun cards!

I hope you enjoy my project!

Until next time....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank You....

Ever gone "red tag" hunting? Huh?! Red tag hunting?! Yep! Hunting for red tag deals at Target is fun! LOL! Those end caps hold prize winnings for the first person to get there! LOL! On one of my "hunting trips" I came across some awesome deals! I found a box of 10 cards, complete with envelopes for .97! Now who could resist that knowing it had potential?! Certainly not me! So I decided recently to make it into "something"! Here are a few pictures of my project;

This is the complete set, box and cards! There is a total of 5 cards with matching envelopes. I used SU cardstock, Michael's ribbon (on box), Martha Stewart butterfly punch, Giga Scallop punch, a square punch I've had so long I swear I was given it at birth! SU stamp sets "Perrenial Favorites" and "Wonderful Words" a glue pen and Dazzling Diamonds

In case you're wondering about the butterfly - I used SU "Baroque Motifs", they better not ever retire that set! I first stamped my paper, whisper white, with Chocolate Chip ink then, positioned my punch to where I liked the design on the butterfly and punched them out! They're only attached in the middle, where the Dazzling Diamonds are, and the wings are loose!

I hope you like it!

Until next time....

Bow Tying Tutorial!

If you're interested in learning how to "tie one on", keep reading! Wait, you didn't think I mean THAT kind of tie one on did you? LOL! I mean how to tie a bow easily with one piece of ribbon! When I went to the shoebox swap this weekend I noticed a lot of people were using two pieces of ribbon to make their bows so I thought maybe, they don't know this other way! So, here's my "tutorial" on how I do my bows!

Step 1 - Deciding your card needs a bow - then choosing the ribbon!

Step 2 - Gather the items you need for your bow making. Ribbon, scissors, and an item that is not very round such as your stamp pad cleaner bottle!

Step 3 - Now you're going to tie the ribbon on the bottle with a double knot!

Step 4 - Take the ribbon off the bottle and using your scissors cut the loop at a diagonal. Cutting at a diagonal reduces the chances of the ribbon fraying!

Step 5 - Now lay the ribbon on your card. If you cut off a piece of ribbon too long then you will want to trim the ends.

Step 6 - After adhering your bow to your card,using adhesive of your choice, stand back and admire your hard work!

Easy huh?! I have seen tutorials similiar to this one before but, after searching, didn't find them again! I hope you enjoy MY version of bow tying and enjoy tying your own on! LOL!

Until next time....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3D Fun!

How many days until Christmas again?! YIKES it's getting closer and closer! Are you ready?! I'm so no where near being ready! LOL! I have major shopping to do and major gift making to do as well! So that means I'll be doing major surfing for ideas to make! Here are a few for you to think about making too! These are the 3D swaps I received this past Saturday at the Shoebox Swap I went to! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help you out!


These are York Peppermint Patties!

Peppermint Patties again!

This one temporarily held chocolate chip cookies - until my family discovered them! I really like how she even stamped the tissue paper!

Who knew you could do so much with paper and, for that matter, the York Peppermint Patties! LOL! I had to tell my family hands off those but I have a feeling they won't last long! LOL!

Until next time....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grab Your Cup Of Coffee......

This is a long post! LOL! I wanted to share with you all the great cards and 3D swap items I got on Saturday! I was serious about these being some really talented ladies! I'm splitting them up into separate posts though! Get ready to drool! Here are my cards I made - remember everything is Stampin' Up!

Well I hope you enjoyed the card show! If you like any of the things used in these cards you can contact my SU Demo Stampin' Bobbye and she'll be happy to help you out! Whatever you choose - enjoy!

Until next time....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Stuff!

It's hard to believe it's been a week but, well, it has! I haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry! I've been crafting though and have some pictures of some fun stuff to share with you! I hope it makes up for my absence! LOL!
First things to share with you are from my totally fun weekend event here in Ohio! We did what is called a "Shoebox Swap" - while I would love to swap shoes with one lady I met there (loved those leopard print shoes.....) it was really all about making enough stuff for 19 other ladies to make a card I designed! It needed to be all SU stuff since most of them were demos and it's a great way to build your sample base to show your customers! I am not a demo anymore but that's okay as it doesn't mean I'm not an SU junky! LOL! Okay, so what did I do to share?! I made a simple card that I really liked (not a biased comment at all huh?!! LOL) it used "Sahara Sand", "Shimmery White" and "Pink Pirouette". I also used the pink ink to match the paper, Versamark ink and a white gel pen! The ribbon is the same pink too! Here's a picture;

The SU sets I used above are "Bloomin Beautiful" and "Wonderful Words" - still available if you want them!

Another part of the fun was a separate event for those who signed up! It was a 3D swap. You were to make something other then a card, hence the 3D part, to swap out with the other ladies. Let me tell you, if you have the opportunities - don't pass it up! There are some awesome ideas out there that these ladies did! I now have some great gifts - only if I can part with them though! LOL! So, what did I make to swap?! Well, in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I chose to go with something pink! I had seen on the Scor Pal website a really neat pizza box that you could put practically anything in and decided I would do that! I used SU's new "Pink Pirouette" (again) for this project along with the same pink ribbon, Whisper White cardstock and their new scallop punch. The rhinestone isn't SU but you can get them at Michael's! Here are a few pictures of them;

Group shot with some of the items I used to create them

Close up of the outside

The inside! I included a little print out from my computer using the color codes to make the ink "Pink Pirouette" to match (no I'm not anal about matching at all....! LOL!) and, of course I had to include some of the Breast Cancer Hershey Kisses too! I've heard chocolate is a staple of a crafter's diet - right?! LOL!

Well that, and a class, eye doctor appointment, work, grocery shopping took up my week! What did you do for fun?! I'd love to hear about it!!

Until next time....