Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bow Tying Tutorial!

If you're interested in learning how to "tie one on", keep reading! Wait, you didn't think I mean THAT kind of tie one on did you? LOL! I mean how to tie a bow easily with one piece of ribbon! When I went to the shoebox swap this weekend I noticed a lot of people were using two pieces of ribbon to make their bows so I thought maybe, they don't know this other way! So, here's my "tutorial" on how I do my bows!

Step 1 - Deciding your card needs a bow - then choosing the ribbon!

Step 2 - Gather the items you need for your bow making. Ribbon, scissors, and an item that is not very round such as your stamp pad cleaner bottle!

Step 3 - Now you're going to tie the ribbon on the bottle with a double knot!

Step 4 - Take the ribbon off the bottle and using your scissors cut the loop at a diagonal. Cutting at a diagonal reduces the chances of the ribbon fraying!

Step 5 - Now lay the ribbon on your card. If you cut off a piece of ribbon too long then you will want to trim the ends.

Step 6 - After adhering your bow to your card,using adhesive of your choice, stand back and admire your hard work!

Easy huh?! I have seen tutorials similiar to this one before but, after searching, didn't find them again! I hope you enjoy MY version of bow tying and enjoy tying your own on! LOL!

Until next time....


fishlips said...

I have never thought of tying a bow in this manner but wow... looks like a wonderful way to do it, Thanks for the tutorial I will have to go and try it!!!

Anonymous said...

Neat idea!

Betsy C said...

Wow Michelle... what a great idea for tying bows.. I love it!!!!

I love the little york patties too!!!!

Enfys said...

Great tutorial, thank you so much. I love your target bargain cards too.

Jenna Franklin said...

Oh now that's clever!!! Perfect for the bow-challenged such as myself, lol!

Gramrussell said...

Wow! That's pretty cool. Will try it next time. TFS