Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Light Bulb Moment!

I love organization! I love when everything has a place and is in it! Now my DH would argue that statement just based on my craft space! LOL! Looking behind me now, I can't blame him! LOL! I do get into messes as I tend to roll from project to project! Anyway, I have so many little things for my projects like buttons, brads, eyelets etc and I had to have something to put them in! I have these little containers that I keep my beads and beading supplies in and I thought, "hey, these containers would be perfect"! Here's a picture of the container;

What I liked about these versus the floss organizer is that the compartments open separately! They also lock so I can't accidentally pop one open and, me being the klutz I can be at times, if I knock it over things won't "travel" like the would if there was one lid! I took this one a little farther by putting the SU "color family" on there in case I needed it! I got mine at Michael's for around $3 too! Not too shabby! I hope you like my idea! I have another one to share with you soon too! This one is "brilliant" too! LOL!

Until next time....

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