Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Race Day Tomorrow

Well, okay it's a 5K race but it's still going to be tons of fun! I signed up to participate just to make my training a little more fun. Here I am with my number! I had them take my picture tonight as I plan to run before and after and, well, it won't be pretty! I might still have a post race picture... we'll see! LOL

Wish me and my legs luck! LOL! Oh and, if you're curious, the IT band is doing good so far! Now I just have to remember to eat so I don't have a sugar crash in the middle of my run - another story but all is good now! LOL!

Until next time........


Kathy ~~~ said...

Michelle, you scared me when I clicked on your blog and you popped up right in front of my face...roflmbo hee hee
good luck and don't mess that IT band up again. sugar crash????
you better take care of yourself girl!!

*Sally* said...

Oooooh good luck1 Hope it goes well!