Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Day Today

Today went by SO fast! It seems like I just woke up! Well maybe I'm just tired and that's all it is! LOL! I just came back from the clubhouse where I did a little work out of 3 miles and 6 reps on the weight machines! So, to what fun am I referring?! Today was my DH's going away luncheon and we were invited to come along! It's at these ceremonies that I actually get to find out what he does when he disappears into that building for 10 hours before coming home! I wish I had one of those chatty husbands like some women do but, no, mine only says "nothing much" when I ask! LOL! Hhhmm you did a budget consisting of billions of dollars (yeah my eyes bugged out too!) and redid the whole schoolhouse, rewrote training manuals and you call that "nothing" sheez! No wonder he thinks I don't work hard! LOL! Here's a few pictures to share of todays fun! He's so handsome in his uniform!

Here's all 3 of us after Brian got his award - don't look at my feet..... you looked didn't you! LOL! Somebody should have told me not to wear those kind of sandals with wide feet! Anyone out there a size 8 shoe?!

The best part of the whole ceremony for Breanna! What a happy girl here!

Here he is all handsome! Sorry about the blackout on the General's face but I didn't have his permission for posting it! He was the funniest guy ever! OMG! I totally loved listening to him talk! If you've ever gone to a military function you know that's a big deal!


Eve said...

Cute blog!

Kathy said...

You are too funny, as usual, Michelle. I just clicked on the picture of you guys and checked out those feet. LOL LOL. You guys look GREAT! Congrats to Brian! Packed yet?????