Saturday, July 26, 2008

We're Home!

Well we made it home, well to what's left of it anyway! It just doesn't feel like home anymore =o[! Oh well, new chapter in our book of life and it will be what we make of it! We had a great trip but unfortunately with us using our laptop I can't download any pictures! Darn it! We did get to see my Dad, brother and his family and my DH's sister and her family! You gotta love seeing the kids though! You know the old saying "loose lips sink ships"? Just imagine us sitting at a table eating and my nephew piping up and telling us how my brother and his wife go into the bathroom for an hour....... Ummmmm can you say "TMI"! LOL! Oh but the looks on their faces was priceless! My brother shaves his head but let me tell you he glowed like a red bulb at Christmas! Obviously we changed the subject REALLY fast! LOL! He did manage to sneak in a few more stories though and one was of him being a hula hoop champion for his grade at school! Now if we could only keep him telling us those stories....! LOL! We went to see "Dark Knight" too! OMG! That movie is everything they said it would be and more! I don't usually get into those types of movies but, darn this was a really good one! So, if the chance comes up - GO! Get a babysitter though if you have really little ones as I can see why they say they joker can be a little scary!

So we're home now and I have more news to post - next post!!

Until next time......

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