Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrate Memorial Day

Since it's Memorial Day weekend I thought I'd share pictures of some of the veterans in my family, that I have pictures of that is! Here's a shot of my siblings and I. My Dad served in the Coast Guard as well but, obviously isn't in uniform either!

My Dad

My Son

My Handsome Love and Us!

There are other family members who have served, including my Grandfathers and I have lots of friends that have, and are serving right now. One of my friends from work even left this weekend to serve a tour over there! I started adding him to our church prayer book this weekend!

Thanks to every Veteran and Active Duty person out there! You're the best!

Until next time....


the sick one -- Jessica said...

lol! if mike still had glasses on he would look just like grandpa!!

Janine said...

WOW!!! You must be so proud!!
Have a great day!!

bre said...

wooo woooo! who's that hot mamma!?!? :)