Friday, May 1, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye....

He he he! I should have said "Read Ye, Read Ye"! That would make more sense since this is a blog and you're reading it....Anywhoooo I don't know about you but lately I'm trying hard to cut corners where I can to get the best deals I can on just about everything. Well I didn't just start I'm just irresistibly "drawn" to the sale racks of the stores! LOL! Do you do that too? Look at sales, wait for the sales, only buy on sale?! Well, if you're like me and you do then you'd probably be interested in the GREAT deals going on over at Queen Kat Designs store! She is practically giving her stuff away! Here's the deals;

Acrylic stamps - all of them 40% off!

Past QKD kits - 20% off (they're going fast so don't wait!)

Clearance items - 50% off!

She has even made the math easy for those like me that are math challenged and put the sale price up there too! How much easier can it be?! I would suggest taking a look at the kits she's offering. They each have a stamp set, individual sheets of great paper, embellishments etc ALL for under $20! I mean, I can't get a whole set for much less then $20 and here you get paper and lots of other goodies too! Watch my blog for projects with more great ideas that you can do with her great stamps and stuff! Here's a great idea about surprising your favorite Mom with a package and order one for her too! I know, I'd love one that's for sure! So, whatcha waiting for?!


Vicki said...

Thanks for the info!

Vanna B said...

Look who is alive!!!! LOL!!! Hi beautiful! I am going to be in town there soon--- like the 13th! Its just for onenight- but i'm gonna be there!