Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

When we first moved to Ohio back in August we also started building a house! That was such an exciting time to see that house grow and know we were going to make it ours! I shared my weekly pictures of it's progress as a lot of people were interested but I realized - I haven't shown a final picture! Sheesh! What a slacker I can be! LOL! Here's a couple of them to show you the final product...for now! We changed the original front just recently too by having the front stoop redone with brick work and added some rather large (12') trees added in the back yard for privacy too!

If you click on the pictures they get bigger and you can see the beautiful pink flowers I planted that are taking off like crazy!

Well, that's "Home Sweet Home"!

P.S. - the window in the upper left corner is "my craft room", where I hide in the evenings with my toys, laptop and T.V.! My little heaven on earth! LOL!

Until next time....


the one ;) said...

looks like the gouse in belleville only you put the garage on the other side of the house.

Jaspere said...

Your house looks great, craft room and all *LOL* I loved building and would do it in a heartbeat.

Dragana Skoro said...

That is a great house. It is nice to have a whole room to yourself, eh? I am glad for you.