Friday, June 5, 2009

Hooray For Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday! This time for more then the obvious that it's the beginning of the weekend too! My running/crafting/future mother-in-law to my youngest (I say that with a big grin!) is coming to visit today! YEAH! I'm probably way over excited I know but, well, not many share ALL of my passions like she does! We ran together in Virginia, we both craft, her 9 year old son wants to marry my daughter (we're talking mad love affair here!) and our husbands get along rather well too! Oooh and she's a shoe lover, shopper too! Now if I die and get to stand in front of that door of "reincarnation" and they give me a choice well, it'll be tough to turn down being a "fly on the wall(you know what I mean! LOL!) I'd come back as her since her job is a dream job for me! Travel is one thing I LOVE to do and her job takes her everywhere! She is on the Com team for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and they're in town right now!

Here's a few pics to share...travelling doesn't allow her to update her blog but you can find it on my sidebar as "Mom Who Scraps"

St Patricks Day run in DC (I beat her too he he he!)

Relaxing after an awesome Easter meal!

Nathan and his future wife, Breanna (look at his awesome grin!)

So guess what we'll be doing tonight?! We'll be locked up in my craft room having a blast as she brought her Bella's! LOL! Oh, I just thought of this Bella stamping out Bella's! Ha ha ha! Go ahead,'s Friday and time to be a little silly!

Until next time....

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Jackie said...

Hope you have a great time Michelle!