Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday Fun

"Beep...beep...beep" is how my Friday started out! My first thoughts were "OMG why can't it be Saturday so I can just roll over!" Well the day went along just fine, had lunch with my co-workers for our "Wingman Day" activities (if you're military you know what those are!) anyway just trudging along in my duties and I see this guy at the door wanting to come in. From a distance I can't tell who it is and I'm thinking since it's a secure area and if he had a badge he would let himself in. I tried to walk away but he waved at me to come to the door! Who was it? It was my sweet honey and Breanna! Well I "had" to open the door for him and when I did he says "We have a surprise for you...." and who was sitting there but Cameron! I was just beyond speech! Cameron was one of my friends/co-workers from school where I worked in Virginia! He is also known as my "adopted son"! LOL! I had a couple of "adopted kids" there! OMG! To say the least I was thrilled and almost cried because he had taken the time out of his schedule to come up to see me for my birthday! He had flown up and driven from the airport to our townhouse jus to say "Happy Birthday"! Isn't that the sweetest thing?! Somehow my other "adopted daughter" kept it a secret....explains why she hadn't called in a while! Probably would have leaked it! LOL! So after introducing him around as my "adopted son" to my co-workers we took him to see our house and then he treated US to dinner! He's good since not many people can get the bill past my honey - 19 years and he's only the second one! That's good! LOL! Since the pictures I took when I left didn't turn out I made sure we got good ones this time! Here they are;

Breanna and Cameron

Me and Cameron

Now doesn't that make for one of the BEST Fridays ever?!

Until next time....

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fishlips said...

How sweet that was.. brought tears in the coffee this morning reading it... Your adopted Son is just the sweets thing! Hi, Cameron, you did good no spilling of the beans for you ...way to go Cameron I know that must have been hard to keep such a neat surprise!!!
Great Birthday gift for you...Happy days