Monday, November 3, 2008


Sometimes you look at all the role models that are out there for young girls to follow and it can get depressing! You have this sweet baby girl and you hope for nothing but the best so when an opportunity comes along that you can show her that women can do some amazing things you jump at it right?! Well at my new job I work with some pretty amazing people, some pretty high ranking people too! One person in particular is a 3 star General - and a woman to boot! Not only that but, she's the highest ranking female officer in the USAF! I can just stare and saw "WOW" when I look at her and all she's accomplished! She's very humble to say she didn't get the position due to being a woman but was chosen based on her abilities! That's pretty awesome! So anyway, when Breanna got to meet the 2 star General I work with she was so in "awe" of him and I told her, you know there's a woman upstairs who outranks him - she said "I've got to meet her"! Well, ask no more..... I was able to coordinate that today! Here is a picture of Breanna and the 3 Star General who is a darn good role model, and a fellow half marathoner as well!

Breanna will remember this meeting for a long time and I was happy to make it happen!

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fishlips said...

This is so wonderful, What totally amazing women!!!

peacemomma said...

thats my nana