Saturday, July 4, 2009

Americana 5K

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Mine started off great! Me, My daughter, and her boy...friend went to a 5k race first thing! I was pretty excited to go since they were going with me! My DH doesn't "roll out of bed" for anything less than a 10k and trust me here, I won't invite him anymore! LOL! Why?! Last time he found it within himself to go with me....he won! Well, for his age group anyway and overall was 4th! What a show off! LOL! See my competition here?! I just go to cross the finish line AND, of course, get the tee shirt! LOL! I still don't get why these were pink this year though! UGH! I wanted a patriotic one! ! Oh well, next time! Here are some fun pictures we took before the race.

3 soon to be finishers!

Me and my girl! Who was #302 I wonder?!

I think she likes this boy....what do you think?! Don't tell him I said so but he's a very nice boy!

It was a good race though even with the strollers (some double wides even) and the animals that were allowed! Now, on to the next one - YEAH!!

Until next time!


the mother of your favorite grandson ;P said...

does the next race include me and Logan??

Martha said...

that is so kool!