Thursday, July 16, 2009


He he he! So there I was last night, perfect card idea in my head and I'm just moving along coloring my image out. I'm watching Jumanji, my honey is in my room with me again (he's too sweet spending time with me there!) my card is really coming together.....! Well let me tell you about the card idea first! My youngest is leaving for cheer camp next Tuesday and will be gone for almost 4 long, arduous, lonely days without me,ahem, I mean me without her! Whenever she leaves, or I leave we usually leave each other notes, one for each day! So I chose to make her a card with some fish on it this time, long story short here but "fish" means "love you" in our world....yeah, umm so anyway... I colored my image, I stamped the background and colored it too. I did my layers and got it all together. Figured, hey this needs some bling so I got that on there, looking good at this point right?! Sure it is! Then, I go to show my DH and it "hits me"! Awe man...all that work and the darn card is UPSIDE DOWN! Oh I gave myself a good laugh at that one! LOL! Take a look at my card and see my mistake! LOL! It's got to make you laugh, at least once! LOL!


Oooopsie, LOL!;

Can't bring myself to toss it out so what do you think of putting the words "My world is upside down without you" on the inside?! LOL! She will think it's so typical Mom! LOL! My DH's opinion?! He just rolled his eyes! LOL! Such a "me" moment! LOL!

P.S. You'll be seeing a lot of these cards, well maybe not the upside down part! I got a great deal on 10 of them, with envelopes for $1.98 at my grocery store! LOL! Love that place for scrapping supplies! LOL!


Sara said...

LOL, you made me laugh out loud this morning! I happen to think it's adorable, and the sentiment you thought of goes perfectly!!! And it sounds like something I would totally do! I would love to trade magnolia images-lmk

Jackie said...

LOL! That would be great...don't toss it out!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

LOL! I have done that too! I can so relate. Love your idea of the sentiment!

Michelle Forrest said...

I am rolling over here! I have done that before! More than once actually! LOL. Your card is wonderful, no matter which way it is sitting!

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