Monday, August 10, 2009

A "Different" Inspiration

Have you ever just been going around doing your daily routine, not really thinking just "doing stuff", and have an idea or inspiration just "grab you"? I do, colors, shapes things just pop into my head sometimes! Yes, if you really want to know I do live in my own world sometimes but, hey, it's a happy place! LOL! The inspiration for this card came from my oldest daughter. She chose to get a quite interesting tattoo in a quite interesting spot...a girl skeleton head on her inside forearm. I wasn't very happy about it but, well, she's over 21 so it's not up to me to be happy or not right?! What I was happy about was when I realized the other day, thinking about my favorite new Halloween stamp from "The Rubber Cafe" and it "clicked"! HEY! I can use that tattoo of Jessica's to make a neat new card! YES....and the rest is history! LOL! Take a look at what it inspired;

Full view

Close up of the skeletons, what do you think of that background? I cheated...he he he!

SO , yeah, confession time here! I hand drew the bow, coloring it in with colored pencils but here's the neat part! I wanted a different background on the pink (New SU Raspberry "In-Color") so I used one of those mesh bags that you get "stuff" in sometimes. I balled it up, patted it onto my SU Basic Black ink and just patted it all over to get a rough look! Talk about cheap and fun! You can stamp with just about anything! I roughed up the edges with my scissors too! I used one of my new Martha Stewart punches for that cute white edged piece, scrap ribbon and random bling that I had that just so happened to match! Now the important stuff right?! Where'd I get that totally cool stamp?! That really cool saying too?! Lets not forget the pretty Stickle covered hearts too! Well how about over at The Rubber Cafe?! Yep! That's where I got them! The skeleton is part of the new Halloween series and is called "You Shake My Bones", the hearts are actually this Lori Renn stamp "I Adore You". I simply stamped it twice, cut the hearts out and covered them with stickles! The words are ones I thought worked with the stamps for this card and I used the "Just Rite" stamps to stamp them on using white craft ink! So it's a different Halloween card with a different source of inspiration too! Tattoo artists are really awesome with their work! So if you know someone who got married or engaged around Halloween, wouldn't something like this be a great congratulations card?!


Until next time....


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Sorry about your daughter's tatoo. It id inspire you though. What a neat card and a clever technique!!

Auroras_Garden said...

That card is too cool!
I have to agree, the funniest things inspire me too. I have made some of my best stuff by being "struck" with inspiration.
You are so talented, I just love your blog! And not just the Logan stuff either LOL

peacemomma said...

My tattoo rocks! Great choice of inspiration :D