Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cards for my Babies...

Well okay, they're technically someone else's babies but....they're still my "babies" and I miss them SO much! When I was working at the elementary school I had lots of little "friends' that honestly were the main reason I actually stayed there! The hugs, the waves, the believing me when I say I'm only 29....these kids ROCK! I had two special ones though, more then special actually! I learned more from these two then I could have learned from anyone or any book for that matter! Adria is actually called DeDe and I've mentioned her on here before. She had cancer and I'm pretty sure she's cancer free now thankfully! This little girl was just a ray of sunshine to me! She would wave, smile and was always SO happy just skipping from block to block on the tiles down the hallway no matter where she was going! Sometimes she'd get in trouble because she's staring in the office windows waving at me! Her laugh was just infectous! She lived her life as though she had no worries in the world! Despite everything she had been through, cancer, losing a kidney, not to mention many other issues in her personal life, She just kept on smiling and was SO happy all the time! Anyway, she taught me to smile and be happy no matter what's going on and, somedays, that's a tough lesson to follow! Her brother is Owen, handsome young man who was so protective of his little sister it was amazing! He was so sweet and so hungry all the time! I enjoyed keeping snacks in my desk for them as they go so excited over them! Owen was good at making me laugh! I almost couldn't wait for the end of the day as I hoped they'd be in the office waiting for their Mom! Anyway, I made them a couple of cards to send them a little something to let them know I am thinking of them! Here's the two little sweethearts and their cards!

Doesn't DeDe have the prettiest eyes?! Owen's smile is so handsome!

Owen's card

Guess who this card is going to?!!

Well, now that I think I've made myself want to cry missing them I am off to other things! Enjoy my post!

Until next time....

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