Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Baby Has "Spirit"!

Yes she does, she's got spirit how 'bout you?! He he he! Couldn't resist that old cheer from high school! No I wasn't a cheerleader but, come on who doesn't know it?! A while back I mentioned having a surprise about my baby, which I think I partly gave away with this comment! Breanna tried out for, and made, the JV cheerleading squad at her school! I'm very proud of her for so many reasons! That takes a lot of courage being in such a judgemental world (she's already got some comments about it!) to try out on her own. It also let me know she really was okay with our move up here to Ohio. I know from experience it's hard to move in high school but she really did well with the transition! So anyway, indulge me in my "proud Momma" moment and check out her pictures! I took them at her game last night, her first one!

She totally indulged me here with a big cheesy grin!

She looks unsure here but, even so, she did great for her first game!

Great action shot from half time and at center court!

Can you tell I'm a proud Momma?! He he he! Thanks for indulging me!

Until next time....


Janine said...

Great pics Michelle.
Go to Sharon's site for the link to the box.
On the left hand side she has a tab for boxes and containers. You should find it there.

Mandy said...

She's just beautiful! :) Congrats to her!!!

Tammy said...

B-Creek? Would that be Beaver Creek?