Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Easy Peasy Photo Album

Okay, when I said that title to myself it sounded good! Now I'm thinking "does that conjure up a picture of mushy peas?"! LOL! Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the fast gift ideas I have in case you could use them too! These are also inexpensive since I usually am either adding them to another pile of gifts or need about a 100 to gift out for friends! So, this year for my Dad I got him a couple of shirts - boring right?! Well I try to add a little fun something in there for him and I found a neat little light up magnifier for one box but needed something for the other one. This past September when he came up to walk the 5K with my daughter and I, and then be at the finish line when we all finished, we took a ton of pictures! I thought to myself "what a great gift opportunity! I took one of those little photo albums that are plastic with a cheesy cardboard insert in the front of something goofy and turned it into an album so he can always look back and remember the fun of the weekend of the marathon! My cost?! $3 is pretty much all I spent for this gift. The album itself was $2 and the Air Force paper was a $1, the sticker quotes, brads, and all the paper are scraps from other projects! How can you beat that?! I did use a Kodak machine to print my pictures. I chose the 2"x3" option that makes 4 per normal size print. It's a great option when you need to put a lot of pictures in one spot!. My cost for these photo albums was probably around $1.50 but check your store in case $$ is different!

Before and a still before but not quite as before as before....make sense?! LOL! Aaahh my world...it's a happy place! LOL! Anyway...

The final cover

A couple of the inner pages using a variety of scraps I had, literally, lying around! Don't forget, if you really want to, click on the pictures to enlarge them!

Photo album - $3
Photo printing - $1.50
Weekend of fun and memories - priceless!

Now, to make one for my brother too!

Until next time....


bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Great idea, Michelle, and I'm sure your dad will treasure his album!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful!