Friday, December 5, 2008

"Tis The Season

You know how when you first start at a job and you meet all sorts of people and you wonder "how am I going to fit in?" Each day goes by, you get a little more comfortable but you still wonder who your co-workers really are, I mean outside of being great co-workers (that was evident early on) but you really want to "know them"! Know what I mean?! Well a message was sent out recently across the base that they were looking for people to "Adopt a Family" for Christmas. Well say no more! I hopped right on it and volunteered my co-workers (after asking my boss that is!) but only if they were interested! We wound up getting 2 families, 3 kids all together! Let me tell you the generosity of my co-workers was just amazing! I mean, really awesome! I had given the option of buying the gifts themselves or letting Breanna be their "personal shopper"! Much to her delight she was allowed to go shopping for the babies! Here are a few pictures of the babies "haul" that I'm wrapping up today!

Can you see why my boss said "WOW" when he walked into the conference room and saw this?! LOL!

See what I mean?! I know they all love knowing that through them these children will have an AWESOME Christmas and their parent(s) will have the best peace of mind knowing their kids are happy and that people really do care!

I know now that I have the best co-workers ever! I'm going to really love this place! My co-workers ROCK!

Until next time....!


Mandy said...

Awww! WOW, Michelle! That is just AWESOME! So glad you were open and willing to doing this! It'll make such a difference to those families!!! And good for Breanna, too for helping!!!

Sara said...

This is amazing, don't people just amaze you!!! I'm sara from your new blogging group on scs, just stoppin by to say "HI"

Jackie said...

What a nice thing to do! I'm sure this will bring happiness to those families for sure!!!

Rhonda Langley said...

So wonderful of you to take time during this busy season to take care of someone in need. Hats off to you!!