Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another New Card

Yesterday about 8:45 in the morning out on the trail I'm thinking to myself "why the heck am I doing this?" "am I nuts or what?"! I was at about mile 7 and I felt like my legs were stumps of wood that I was trying to move down the road! LOL! It was the first 10 mile run I had done in a while and oh boy did I hurt for the rest of the day! I even took a nap - didn't even sneak it in just said "I'm taking a nap" and went to bed! LOL! All better today though as I also went to bed at 9:30 which, lately, is early for me! Moving here to Ohio and not having a T.V. in my bedroom makes a world of difference! Anyway, 4 weeks until the marathon - YIKES!!

Now on to more "fun" stuff - YEAH!! I took a sketch (or close to it anyway) from Mandy at Limelight papercrafts (I was supposed to use rub ons but I was too lazy to pull them out last night!) and made this card!

I used all SU items here. Stamps are Ginger Blossoms, coordinating Ginger Blossoms designer paper, cardstock in whisper white, green galore and cameo coral, the marker colors match the cardstock colors and the ink was close to cocoa. I also used my beloved little dew drops on here and some of the awesome Stickles on the main flower's center.

So here's a burning question, it actually came up last night through the course of making this card - do you make cards just to make cards, to only give away, or as samples?! What I'm trying to do is figure out what most people do with their cards! I just can't seem to part with most of mine! I might just box a bunch of them up to give my DH's Grandma for Christmas as she is one to write cards and stuff - I'm more of an email person! So, what about you?!


Janine said...

This is such a pretty card!!
I make cards to give away.. I don't keep any samples of anything.
I have some friends that I give a box of cards to every now and again for them to use and the same with my Mother.
Every person in my family gets a birthday card a Hallowe'en, thanksgiving and Christmas card. I just love to give them away.

Mandy said...

Rub-ons or no rub-ons, this is GORGEOUS! I love these colors!

Loreen said...

This came out wonderful. I have that DP sitting here and now I am totally inspired to create =)

Lisa Trombitas - said...

Thanks for the visit! Pretty card - love the triptych look - I've seen this before, and now I'll have to try one when I get home. They add a lot of interest, don't they?

I make cards for myself when experimenting or for a challenge, make them for my sample box, and also to give away and/or sell. Some of my favorites I won't part with, though!

Good luck with the marathon!