Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meet My Two New Students!

Here they are! Well, okay they're new students today but not MY new students! LOL! I knew this day was coming that they'd both leave the nest to go to school and I'm so proud of them both! Breanna got all of her advanced placement classes except one but that's a long story that really upsets her! They call the scholarship classes here though - hope that helps her get one since the colleges she's talking about are all big $$$$! Brian has his first big test this week. It's not the real school but more of a placement type of thing they're doing. He said he saw a guy walking around with a HUGE Calculus (can't even spell it myself - thank goodness for spell check!) boy that made ME nervous but I know Brian - HE can do it! He graduated from his last college with a 4.0 average - YIKES! Opposites attract and thank goodness for that! LOL! I'm a lucky girl! LOL! Anyway, here's their pictures;

I got this picture of Breanna just as she was leaving for the bus! She sure does smile pretty despite being mad for me making her stop for the picture! LOL! Aaah I remember when it was a pretty dress, white socks and little mary jane shoes she wore instead....!

Okay, this one is the night before when we took the picture! Breanna and I decided to make a big deal out of him starting the next day! Those are all his little treats we got for him! The school he is attending is called "AFIT" or Air Force Institute of Technology and for him to be there is a huge compliment too! He was one of 6 enlisted picked out last year Air Force wide - no pressure there right?! LOL!

They'll both have a great day I'm sure! Breanna will be home in 1 hour and 49 minutes - not that I'm counting.......LOL!

Until next time!


Kathy ~~~ said...

Oh my, Breanna has grown into a beautiful young lady. Brian hasn't aged at all:-) How sweet to send him off with those goodies. They both should be home by now.... Kathy

Otter said...

Wait a minute! What are you trying to pull here. That isn't Breanna. Bre is a little girl that flashed corncob smiles for your persistant camera. The young lady you have in the picture is a beautiful young woman....dare I say Hot?....not even close to being the kid I am used to seeing.
Now Brian....he hasn't changed much at all.