Monday, August 11, 2008


OMG! If you've ever had food poisoning you can totally relate to how I felt this weekend! Saturday night till now I have been, well you know... sick as a dog (where did that term come from anyway?!) unable to do anything even lifting my head from my pillow! Today, being day 3, I am able to sit here and enjoy the computer a little bit! That's not the only reason I've been off line though. We are trying hard to find our place in the electronic world here in our new home. Our internet stinks! Luckily my DH is a smart guy when it comes to this stuff and he's able to finagle it but I'm not sure where we're heading with this so if I'm not on here for a while it's because of the internet connection no cooperating! LOL! I am pre-posting a few things I have saved to put up just in case!

Until next time.....

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