Monday, August 25, 2008

Newly Discovered!

Guess what?!! I am listed on "Allison's" blog "Stampin' When I Can" this past Saturday! How exciting for me to be on her blog! She has a great list - daily, and how she does this daily with what she calls her "2 wild jackals and one more on the way" I don't know! Maybe she has a cape hidden that you just can't see or something! LOL! Super Blogger! LOL! Anyway check out her blog as she does have some awesome lists, ideas, cards etc....!

Off to the showers now after my morning run! Did you see I went over 200 miles this weekend?! That's the amount I've run since I started training for this 1/2 marathon, not the ones I ran before - just in case you were wondering! LOL!

Until next time!


Cris A said...

Congrats on bieng listed! And good for you on the running!! Love the monkey card!

Sandy O said...

Oooooo, congradulations :) you'll have more comments than you can read before you know it, LOL. Thanks for the link too ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all of your miles...great job! You go girl!