Friday, August 8, 2008

Just an FYI

In case you were wondering or, even noticed for that fact, I have a picture of different running shoes up on my side bar! I originally had my Pink Panthers up there but, they're gone. Well not really gone I still have them but only use them for my cross training now. Why might be the next question so here's "why"! I bought them with the best of intentions as they are pretty, they were on sale and I had a coupon and, probably most importantly (and since I was SO close to it myself) portions of the sale went to support the breast cancer research cause. The only thing is they didn't provide enough shock absorbency for me since I tend to run "hard". I got some pretty bad shin splints from the lack of it so I had no choice but to do a lot of resting and switch back to "Mizunos"! I love these shoes since having a wide foot (remember the sandals in that other picture - I know you looked! LOL!) I need a wider area to spread my toes when I run so I don't get a foot cramp and these work great! I'm doing better with the shin splints and my Mizunos are showing the wear and tear already! LOL! So learn from my, well not really a mistake, but if you're going to run or exercise make sure your equipment totally fits your "needs"! If you go to any quality athletic store they can evaluate your running style (for shoes) and fit you - it's worth the extra cost trust me! One more tip - if you get the vented type and walk or run in all weather situations make sure you don't get the ones that are vented on the bottom! LOL! Your feet can, and will, get wet! LOL! I found out the hard way - accidentally! LOL!

Good luck and I hope this helps someone!

Until next time.....

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