Monday, August 11, 2008

Hershey Park

On our trip north to our new home we made another fun stop - The Hershey Museum in Pennsylvania! If you're a chocolate lover this place is like your Mecca of sorts! Not being a chocolate lover (I know *gasp*!) I enjoyed it anyway as I'm always curious as to how things are made! We did the tour of how it's all made, had personalized candy bar wrappers made - so cool and, of course, shopped and had a treat! Here are a few pictures we took of the museum and the fun;

Looks like a happy place!

Two chocolate lovers!

I think he's happy since he knows he's in no danger with me!

Look at that happy twinkle in his eye!

Notice the lack of chocolate! Unfortunately no chocolate is not a specialty for them as the cookie was not worth the caloric intake! LOL!

Until next time......

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Mandy said...

What great pictures! I've always wanted to visit there. Looks like lots of fun!