Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Running Trail - Ohio

One of our (my) concerns when we moved here to Ohio this summer was whether we'd find a good trail for our long runs on the weekends! We moved in the middle of training for the upcoming USAF Marathon that is on September 20th so finding one that is at least 10 miles long was imperative for Brian's schedule! He's training for the full marathon so his long runs include 20 mile runs! With some good searching we were able to find a really nice one AND it's nearby! YEAH! It's such a nice, quiet and stress free place to run and so far we've run it twice! Luckily I remembered my camera so I was able to get some good photos of it! Take a look;

Creekside Trail, Beavercreek Ohio

This is looking down the trail where we begin. It's another trail utilizing old railroad tracks - great idea!

This is the gazebo where I'll wait for Brian to finish running. I always finish before him - not because I'm faster but because he runs farther then I do!

Here's my tired honey after having just done 20 miles....

Here's where you'd find me after running 20 miles.... JK! Seriously though - a cemetery at the end of our trail?! Think there's a hidden hint there?! LOL!

This is also near the gazebo - not just a rock but a time capsule that they put together at the town's Bi-centennial! Too cool! I wonder what they put in there?!

While I was waiting for Brian I found some gorgeous and HUGE sunflowers that were begging me to take their picture! Didn't they turn out pretty;

Well that's it for today! Tonight I hope to post some of the fun stuff I've made recently! I'm also going to an Open House I was invited to over in Fairborne! I can't wait to see what she's got going on!

Until next time.....


Bobbye said...

Hi! Love the beautiful pictures of the Sunflowers! Especially the one with the bee.
I'm glad you found a great trail...and our weather is so wonderful right now, it makes it fun to be outside!

Kathy ~~~ said...

That's GREAT, Michelle. Love the pictures. Especially love the sunflower did good,girl! Keep on running! Kathy

Jami said...

How awesome that you and DH run together, and even better you found a great trail! I'm still adjusting to the humidity here in Korea, but plan to start running again in the fall. I'm originally from Ohio - (Akron area), but just moved here from Arizona, so hopefully I'll remember how to deal with the snow this winter...hmmmm

Hope you are getting settled into your new home too!!