Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dishing The Dirt.....

Okay so maybe not THAT kind of dirt but how about they started digging our basement today! YEAH!! It's like my little brother's Tonka trucks they had when they were little! It's so cute! I remember they used to play with them and make "sounds" too! Okay so maybe back then I didn't think it was so cute, but now, looking back I sure do! LOL! So now the clock is ticking! In our pre-construction meeting they estimated 140 days from "dig" to "house" so we'll see what happens since Fall is coming and Winter usually follows! LOL! I hope we're on track as I'd love a place to sit other then in a dining room chair! LOL! Oh, okay fine, I have the floor I can sit on! LOL! Don't even ask what I'm scrapping on! We'll just suffice it to say our dining room table normally has a leaf in it.... for the next 3 months or so it won't! LOL! Here's a picture of the basement;

Here's a view from the street. It looks awfully close to that neighbor's house doesn't it?! Hopefully they won't feel a need to keep that bunker there when we move in! LOL!

Thar she blows...oops wrong line, "Thar they dig"! How's that?! LOL! I don't know why the hole looks smaller then it really is when the house is done?! Weird huh?!

Okay that's it for now! I'm going to keep trying to take pictures weekly so, if you're interested keep watching our new home "grow"!

Until next time....

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