Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Won, I Won!!

I love blog surfing and seeing what everyone else is up to - who doesn't really?! I just try hard not to remind myself they're working on projects and I'm goofing off when I shouldn't be....! LOL! Anyway while stalking one of my favorite blogs (see sidebar for links!) I saw one of them was giving away freebies and I WON! WOO HOO! It was on Mandy's blog "Limelight Papercrafts Blog"! She also owns Limelight Papercrafts online store. Anyway she put together an awesome bunch of goodies too! I can NOT wait to play with them!

See!! -->

Magazine, rub ons, GREAT paper and a cupcake holder that is PERFECT for when your daughter LOVES to bake cupcakes!! The only hard part will be giving it away! LOL!

I got this a couple of days ago and let me tell you that magazine was a lifesaver! No TV, No internet, No "stuff" you need something to release your inner creative demon right>! LOL! I got some great ideas! I'll share my finished project when I'm done with it! Food poisoning over the weekend put this sort of fun on the back burner!

You really should go visit Mandy's store as she is great to deal with! She's also running another great special right now. No affiliation here other then being a happy customer and now a happy winner! YEAH!!

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