Friday, August 22, 2008

What's Purple, Green and Yellow?

My card is! He he he! There is a blog out there whose owner is just an amazing lady and I love to read it daily! It's on my side bar under "Lauren Meader" or just click that hyperlink! Take a minute and read her blog and you'll see why I call her amazing! LOL! Anyway, nothing like being a little behind on trying something new right?! Well for her Saturday Sketch from August 16 I decided to give it a shot (and actually post my picture! LOL!) so without much further "ado" here it is;

I love purple, green and yellow together, it's such a pretty combination! I actually tried a couple of different things for this particular card too! The circles came from both using my Coluzzle and my nestabilities (scalloped circles), the bee is from PaperTrey Ink's Honey Bees set and I put it on Shrinky Dinks - plus it's a little bee just like my "little b"(my daughter)! Haven't done that in YEARS! I also did the "marker trick" for the word "me" since I didn't have any letters that small. I simply colored only the "me" part of another word stamp and then punched around it! Cool huh?! The word "inspire" is from a set I have from JustRite stamps called "Inspirations Set - Small".

I had another goal for this card too, since we've moved here my daughter has been such a trooper. Don't get me wrong, she's had her "moments" but overall her attitude towards everything has been great. If you've moved as a teenager you know the challenges she'll face next week starting, in high school, on the first day! It's more then the right outfit (which believe me the girl has plenty to choose from), the hair but trying to navigate the halls, find the right seat in each class - ON TIME no less. Her school is huge and her class schedule is a tough one since it takes her from one end to the other with what maybe 3 minutes in between?! Then comes lunch... well, you get the picture! I thought I would make this card to give it to her! She does inspire me - a LOT! The things this girl can do is amazing, but anyway this card is for her! Now to find the right words and the right spot for her to find it during the school day!


Sandy O said...

This is so sweet, I really like the scallop circle you used. Your daughter will be happy to know your thoughts and hugs will be with her on her first day of school.

GinaP said...

great job! I love the colors on there, too. And how sweet you are to make a card for her... I'm sure it will make her feel good to know you're thinking about her and her new situation there at school. How nice of you!

specialcraftmom4 said...

That is a really neat card! Great job (: