Friday, August 1, 2008

On Our Way Heading North!

We are in Atlantic City now enjoying the beach! It felt so good to just relax and not have to rush out of the hotel to do something for the house or to run or anything! We are just going to sit on the beach and enjoy the sun and water! Hopefully the sun won't have a love affair with my skin as I burn way too easy! We walked along the boardwalk last night and wow is this place amazing! The shopping, the variety of people out there, the beach is great as always! We also went to the shops on the pier where they have stores connected to Ceasar's casino. Breanna had to visit Tiffany's too! Let me tell you all we could afford in that place was a lungfull of the air we breathed while inside! A key chain was $380! Can you believe that?! OMG! Too bad we'll never put our keys on it as Brian did a little gambling while we were walking around and let's just say we'll hold our breath again for tonight's possible winnings! LOL!

Well, we're off now..... until next time........

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