Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home - August 15, 2008

Big News -

When we were chosen for Brian to attend the AFIT program here in Ohio we were faced with a decision we've had to make many, many times or at least every time we've moved that is - buy or rent! Breanna is in high school, 10th grade to be exact, and I know from personal experience moving can be difficult especially in high school! I can't move her again until she graduates! So faced with the knowledge we will be here until at least 2011 we decided to make an investment in a home! YEAH! So now all those years of watching HGTV and thinking "when I get my own home again....." will really pay off! I'll be sharing pictures of our home as it's being built so if you're interested it will be under the title "Home Sweet Home"!

In the beginning.....

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SeaStar Creations said...

congrats! that is wonderfully exciting :) will you have a craft room??? best of luck!